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Open Letter To All Serving And Retired Teachers

Sidney Pilane
We at the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) join you and the world to celebrate your being on your day, to recognise the immense contribution that you continue to make to our nation, the continent and the world.

We recognise and appreciate that without you, without your dedicated efforts and sacrifices, the world will be without the humanity that we continue to experience and witness.

All of us in this country, in this continent and in this world are who we are because you made us to be. You gave us your lives and in the process you gave the world life. Had it not been because of you; all the professions, the love, the happiness, the comfort, the joys and the tolerance will not be in existence. Thus naturally, all the developments, be it either within the definition of; under development, developing and or developed, that we see in the country, Africa and the world will not be.

We also recognise that you continue to sustain your unwavering sacrifices to the betterment of Botswana though the terrain is so unfavourable to you. We recognise that whilst continuing to do your best to engage the BDP led Government of Botswana on the conditions of service which are extremely not favourable to you, you nevertheless continue to serve our children, to serve us, to serve this nation with outmost dedication and focus.

We recognise further not only your trade unions and leaders of such trade unions for their dedicated efforts in harsh conditions, sometimes if not most of the times, harsh conditions that have been deliberately manufactured and continue to be sustained by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). We bow down to such leaders and we recognise their golden worth.

We at the BMD of the UDC assure you, all the teachers, serving and retired, that together with the opposition collective; Botswana National Front, Botswana People’s Party and Botswana Congress Party shall continue to stand with you as we have always done. Notable of such unwavering support is that which we provided during the historic civil service strike of 2011. We shall not forget that the ruling BDP responded to your concerns and to the concerns of all the workers by dismissing you from work.

This is the most inhumane form of reaction by a Government that this country has experienced. This is one such lesson

that should be carried into the future as we prepare for the 2019 General Elections and we are pleased that the UDC commits to do things differently.

We at the opposition will be facing at the polls the party that dismissed you from work when you were raising concerns of welfare. This is the welfare that if not provided, makes it difficult to pursue your calling; teaching, with outmost love and passion.

You are being denied an opportunity to do that which is most critical in the development of the country we have, the only country we belong to. By being denied such an opportunity, the ruling BDP is denying this nation an opportunity to outsmart the rest, prospects of development and appropriate growth. These are lessons that must be imbedded not only in you as teachers, but in the hearts of all of us as a nation that so much deserve better, and that better is the UDC Government.

We pledge to continue being with you in all these difficult times. We will continue to be with you when results of students are published and celebrations deafen, for we know that you do your best in trying times. We shall also continue to be with you when you are being ruthlessly attacked by the BDP led Government, when students have not done well, for we know you have done your part and the BDP led Government failed to do its part.

We are not only recognising you on your day, we are not only with you on your day; Teachers Day, we are with you always, we recognise you always. In you we have much needed partners and we shall continue to listen to you. We promise you that, upon UDC assuming state power at the 2019 General Elections you shall be as the workers of this country, a primary priority, for with you as a priority, unemployment, health, infrastructure and all other needs of a nation, shall be attended to with outmost focus.

Yours in Liberal Democracy,

Advocate Sidney Pilane

President – BMD

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