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Churches Warned Against Disturbing Neighbourly Peace

More than 30 churches that are operating in residential areas in Tlokweng have received written warnings to stop playing loud music, which annoys neighbours in the South East District Council (SEDC).

SEDC says it took action after numerous complaints from the public pertaining to unbearable noise from churches around Tlokweng came in. 

According a SEDC report done by By-Law Enforcement between May 21 and 22, 2018 churches are now in close proximity with entertainment hotspots and do not exhibit their registration certificates at their place of worship.

The report says churches are hosted or built in residential plots.

The By-Law Enforcement officers advised them to apply for a noise and nuisance permit at the Council if they need to make noise, which might be a bit loud for neighbours.

“We advised them on steps to take before applying for a noise and nuisance permit for example consulting neighbours prior to application for the permit

and requesting to use an open space at the Physical Planning Department. They were also advised to register their churches as it is a requirement,” the report says.

The Council says one of the challenges it faces is that most churches operate during the week after working hours thus making it an obstacle for the department to monitor.

It says sometimes upon attending to noise complaints emanating from churches, some are found either not operating or having relocated to another area or operating without causing loud disturbing noise by not using musical instruments. It continues, “lack of land for churches is a problem since it leads to churches to operate in residential areas therefore causing conflict amongst neighbours”.





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