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Clarity On The Membership Of Mk. Phenyo Segokgo

We note the public narration, commentary, and even questions on the status of the membership of Mokaulengwe Phenyo Segokgo and we find it ideal that though we are not in the habit of issuing public statements that concern individual members of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), we are however duty bound, given the current political landscape, to issue this public communication.

This is purely intended to clear confusion amongst not only our members but all the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) affiliating partners, the people of Tlokweng and the nation at large. It is indeed true that Mk Segokgo applied for re-admission to the life BMD membership on March 6, 2018. Because the National Executive Committee (NEC) had already made a resolution that whoever is willing and wishes to be re-admitted to the party should do so and will be re-admitted without conditions, his membership card was prepared on the same day. The National Organising Secretary(NOS)  of the BMD, Mk Freddie Ramodise, who has been tasked by the Secretary General; Mk Gilbert Mangole, to ensure smooth processing of all returnees, was at the office to ensure that due process be followed as per the resolution and instruction of the NEC. It was on the same day of his re-application of admission to the BMD membership and subsequent to his membership card processing that Mk Segokgo was informed by the NOS that his life membership card was ready for collection.

Mk Segokgo did on the same day requested the BMD NOS to take with him his membership card to the Lerala – Maunatlala star rally that was held on March 10, 2018 as he had wished to be a speaker at this rally held in Lerala. For reasons not communicated to the BMD, Mk Segokgo did not show up in Lerala. The NOS naturally had to continue holding on the membership card which has now been returned to the BMD Head Office to make it easier for Mk Segokgo to pick it up as the NOS is now busy engaged in the coordination of house-to-house campaigns in Moshupa – Manyana constituency in the preparation for the upcoming elections that the UDC shall fiercely contest.

Mk Segokgo’s membership card has thus long being ready and is awaiting his collection at the BMD Head Office where he will only be expected to pay a life membership fee of P200. This is a procedure he knows and understands and a procedure that was reiterated to him without any negation on his part.On the confusion regarding the primaries of the BMD, the BMD leadership has never agreed to offer nor allow any special treatment to any member of the BMD, including Mk Segokgo and thus, if he is willing and wishes to enter a democratic process by the BMD to identify a UDC candidate, he shall do so with other BMD members wishing for the same so that BMD members in Tlokweng, and not the BMD leadership, may duly decide.

What is not applicable to Mk. Segokgo

and all those who have been making applications for re-admission and have been re-admitted to the BMD is the constitutional clause of a two-year waiting period to contest for primary elections. The NEC is also constitutionally mandated to look case by case into any other matter regarding the internal party processes with the advice of relevant party structures including but not limited to the electoral board of the BMD. This is a position that Mk Segokgo and all returnees know, understand and a position that was further reiterated to them upon their return to the BMD. A position they never, and in our view do not object to.

The BMD electoral process like of any other party are enshrined in the constitution of the party. All members of the BMD wishing to contest primary elections are free to do so in equal measure as the membership of the BMD does not cater for special dispensations and the NEC has not made any resolution to that effect. It is thus not possible that any member of the BMD, including Mk Segokgo has been given a special treatment and hence any assertion by any of the member of the BMD, including Mk Segokgo, that he or she has had an agreement with the BMD to be afforded special treatment is not only false and misleading but sadly unfortunate.

The BMD, like any other political party is governed by a constitution which gives to every member the right to seek public office after going through a primary elections procedure. We cannot deny any member that constitutional right by agreeing to arrangements of special treatment. If such an agreement was to be made, it will be a matter of the BMD not being true to its liberal values and further being against the very essence of democracy that we continual The position of the BMD remains that everyone who is at the primary elections opposed, must first win the primary elections to run as UDC candidate from the BMD. The BMD shall then go all out to support such a candidate to ensure that the UDC wins such a ward and or such a constituency. We continue to retain a liberal and democratic view, practise and life purpose. We wish to close this communication by reiterating that we are delighted at the decision of Mk Segokgo to have returned to his political home; the BMD of the UDC. Mk Segokgo is not only a strong politician but also a dedicated and public office bearer and hence we take pride in preparing for his re-welcome rally.Yours in Liberal Democracy,

Rasina Winfred Rasina (Mr.)

National Spokesperson

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