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Farewell GW

I received the news of Gobe 'GW' Matenge’s passing from her daughter, Tsompie on April 26, 2018 with great sadness and sorrow.

I wish to express my sincere condolences to his family and say to them that as much as I understand the loss they have suffered, they must take heart that he has rested. He seemed to be in great pain when I last visited him at Gaborone Private Hospital in March, 2018.

GW’s passing was not only a loss to his family, friends and relatives, but it is a great loss to the country too.  A larger than life figure has fallen. Death may have succeeded to physically separate us from this iconic son of the soil, but it cannot succeed to kill his name and deeds in this, our earthly world.

GW was an exceptional human being whose kind we may not see again. He was a man of unbending principle. It is in the class character of the middle class to blink and

equivocate in the face of injustice. No so GW. On principle he never equivocated. At the time he permanently fell asleep he remained committed to a fairer and better society for all.

As a patriot GW always sought a path where justice would be served not denied. His dream of a better Botswana was ingrained in his very being.

I have no doubt in my mind that history will absolve him for all his efforts to make our country a place in which every person is equal in the eyes of the law, a country in which merit counts more than anything else.

GW served our country with distinction. We as a nation must name some street, space or building after him so that future generations can read about him and be inspired.

Farewell, GW. Farewell Son of the Soil. Golo o goileng o regopole.

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