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Kgosi statement to PAC on assassination plot

Isaac Kgosi at PAC on Thursday PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
I am aware of recent newspaper articles, radio interviews and comments from some members of this Committee and those that appeared before me, that have sought to portray the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) as a rogue institution.

This is unfortunate and I wish to assure you all that the Directorate is law abiding and shall at all times adhere to its founding statute, the Constitution and any other laws enforcement from time to time in this Republic.

To this end I would like to put it on record that the DIS has never made threats to assassinate, cause harm to anybody, or acted outside its mandate. There is no reason for anybody to fear it, whether Politicians, or members of the public. The security of this country is way paramount to be

always subjected to speculative and irresponsible commentary; Botswana is above all of us.

On this matter, I want it to be put on record that I will cooperate with this Committee to the extent allowed by law.  I would also want it recorded that I am appearing before this Committee in spite of grave allegations that have been levelled against me in person, and the Directorate by some members of this committee as read in the media.

I do so in the hope that there will be fairness in the deliberation of the Committee.




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