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Palapye records one death as Malaria cases rise

PALAPYE: The District Health Management Team (DHMT) in the Palapye sub district is concerned about the rising number of Malaria cases with already one life claimed last month.

The DHMT are anticipating high numbers of Malaria cases following recent rains and anticipated rainfall as per the weather forecasts.

Since the malaria transmission season started in August last year, the regional health team said they have recorded 49 cases of Malaria infections with three complicated cases resulting in one casualty.

DHMT public relations officer, Mpho Modibedi said the death was a result of a complicated case that arrived at the health facility at an advanced stage.

She said that is a concern for the DHMT as it indicates late health seeking behaviour in the community.  “Health education is emphasised as part of the community mobilisation in order to create awareness amongst people and such deaths could be avoided,” she said.

Lerala is the most affected area in the region accounting for 14 cases, Palapye second with 10 cases recorded. Maunatlala and Mogapi recorded four cases each, while Moremi, Mokokwana, Kgagodi, Tamasane, Radisele, Lecheng, Topisi, and others in the sub district recorded below four cases. In the past transmission period, the region recorded 89 cases with 10 casualties.

Modibedi noted that the increasing

numbers are worrisome. She said with the anticipation of more rains as per the forecast, the risk of contacting the disease for everyone increases.

“We are still midway through transmission season and with the anticipation of more rains it would present conducive breeding environment for the mosquito and the parasite, thus putting everyone at high risk of contacting malaria.” She said males have been more affected than females although she said the reasons are not specific.

She said that probably owes to the lifestyles as men are usually exposed to the environments where there are water bodies such as in cattle posts.

Modibedi said Palapye DHMT continues to monitor the situation and all cases are treated, and preventative measures are strengthened.

She said uncomplicated malaria could present fever, severe headache, nausea/vomiting and sweats. In children, it may present refusal to eat, sluggishness and irritability.

She adviced that all patients presenting with signs and symptoms related to malaria, should visit nearest health facilities for a diagnostic test (Rapid Diagnostic test) to confirm suspicion and therefore initiating treatment in a timely fashion.




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