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How Malepa Lost His Leg

He could have dreamt of playing soccer just for entertaining after his retirement. But former Zebras and ECCO City Greens striker, Malepa 'Chippa' Bolelang saw his dream cruelly cut short recently when a car hit him resulting in his right being amputated.

Bolelang is recovering at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital (NRH).

On that fateful Sunday the once celebrated football star, was out with his friends to celebrate his birthday in Somerset location at a popular bar dubbed Spaghetti bar named after the only intersection road constructed at the country’s second city.

After the football star’s horrific accident, speculations have been making rounds on social media on how he lost his leg and The Monitor had a chat with the owner of Spaghetti bar, Nametso Lilian Griesmeir where the accident occurred on February 25.

Narrating the sad plight, Griesmeir said she arrived at her businesses about 10 minutes before closure and parked her Toyota Hilux Legend 45 car metres away from the bar and rushed into the bar.

“Few minutes after I got to the side of the till, and still helping a cashier to park the fridge, two women wearing ECCO City Greens t-shirts came in to report to me that there was a man in the company of a woman sitting by them taking videos of them without their consent. They revealed that they were dancing with their friends and shocked to see people taking videos of them and they were not pleased with their acts, which prompted them to report the matter to me,” Griesmeir said.

She stated that the duo were concerned that the video might end up circulating on social media whilst it was taken without their consent. She said that they pleaded with her to ask her customers to stop harassing them by taking them videos without their consent.

“I went to the man who was holding the phone and requested him to stop taking videos of my other customers who were dancing. The woman who hit Bolelang with a car was in the company of the man who was alleged to have been taking other customers a video, I pleaded with them both to stop what they were alleged to have been doing.

She said while she was talking to the man who was allegedly shooting a video, there was an exchange of words between the two camps of customers.

Griesmeir revealed that one of the bouncers came to her and told her that indeed the duo had been shooting videos and that he had seen them doing so from a distance, but could not intervene because he thought they were friends.

After talking to her customers in efforts to bring peace amongst them, Griesmeir said she went outside the bar to move her car from where she had parked at the front of the bar, because

she was supposed to load items from the bar. She said at the time she had thought that the customers had resolved their differences.

“When I was about to step by the entrance of the bar, I saw Bolelang and another woman stepping out, and I immediately heard a loud bang. I turned back quickly and I was shocked to see that the car that I had spotted revving in the parking lot, was next to me, and it had hit my car and pushed it to the side. Luckily, there was a curbstone that separated the bar and its courtyard and it blocked the car. Had it not been for the curbstone, the car could have hit the people who were sitting next to the entrance and perhaps even gotten inside the bar,” she said.

She said that she was shocked to see Bolelang and a certain woman lying on the ground injured.

“It happened in a blink of an eye and Bolelang’s life was shattered. He cried for my help requesting me to take him to hospital, but I told him that I do not know anything about first aid and offered to call Med Rescue or an ambulance for help. He was bleeding heavily, and he kept pleading with me to take him to the hospital. Shortly, the ambulance arrived and the police also arrived and told me that a woman phoned them telling them that she just hit people with a car at my premises,” Griesmeir said.

Griesmeir said that even though that woman might have had a few drinks that night, she did not appear too drunk not to see what she was doing.

“When the women who were dancing registered their complaints about not wanting to be taken a video by the man she was with, she was busy insulting those other women. I suspect that she did what she did because she might have been enraged by their quarrel, but it’s sad that in the process innocent people nearly lost their lives. The way she was revving her car from where it was initially parked she had a motive to do something bad,” she said.

She said that she was shocked to see a young woman display such behavior in public.

“That woman is very brave. I was shocked to learn that the person who hit and damaged my car, injured and nearly killed my customers was a woman. I am disappointed with how she behaved, it’s rare for a woman to behave in that manner,” Griesmeir said.




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