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Guma Excoriates Coup Instigators

FRANCISTOWN: The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tati East Samson Moyo Guma has warned democrats to desist from the practice of unnecessarily passing motions of no confidence against fellow democrats.

Guma poured his heart out during the funeral of former Francistown deputy mayor Lechedzani Modenga on Saturday morning at Gerald Estates.

Last Monday, BDP councillors tried to oust mayor Sylvia Muzila.

BDP insiders say that the plan to oust Muzila stems from factional fissures that are still tearing the party asunder.

The BDP’s head honchos have on numerous occasions dismissed the notion that the party is still reeling from factional fights as mere conjecture meant to soil the good name of the party.

A clearly peeved Guma advised fellow democrats to desist from the habit of launching palace coups against their colleagues because it is bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

He advised them to put national interests before partisan and personal interests.

Guma, who was speaking in his capacity as the representative of the BDP at the funeral, also lambasted aspirant Moselewapula ward councillors for campaigning to replace Modenga soon after his passing on was announced.

He said that practice and

culture dictates that the party should mourn and bury Modenga before anyone wishing to replace him can openly express his or her interest.

The Monitor has learnt that more than 10 people in the ward have shown interest to replace the departed 39-year-old Modenga.

The BDP chairperson for the Francistown region Baemedi Medupi said he was unaware that some democrats in the ward have already started underground campaigns to replace Modenga.

He said that the party is still mourning Modenga and as such it is improper for anyone to start campaigns to replace him before the party sanctions that.

Meanwhile, hundreds of mourners gathered at Modenga’s parents homestead to pay their last respects to the departed civic leader who courted a bad boy image in his life.

Paying homage to Modenga, Moyo described him as man with a heart despite his mistakes.

Moyo encouraged whoever will replace Modenga to love and take good care of the electorates like Modenga was doing.




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