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Love Troubled Child Murder Suspect To Undergo Psychiatric Assessment

Prosecution has applied for White City murder accused, Aplee Moagi to undergo psychiatric assessment after he wrote a hate-filled letter to his mother accusing his former girlfriends for what befell him and the young girl he allegedly raped and murdered.

Moagi was in court last week still seeking to apply for bail, but remanded in custody to undergo the mental examination to determine his fitness to stand trial, and whether he was fit at the time of the alleged offence.

Police report states that last November, Moagi allegedly raped and killed a nine-year-old girl, the daughter of his ex-girlfriend Neo Modibedi at White City location in Gaborone.

Giving evidence before Extension II Chief Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa the Investigating Officer (IO) in Moagi’s case, Madziba Duna pleaded with court not to grant Moagi bail, as he appeared to be not of sound mind.

He stated that Moagi seemed to have problems with his love life, revealing that he has established that before the tragedy took place, he was dating two women who also appeared to have broken up with him.

“It appears that Moagi is still furious with both women, the mother of the little girl he is alleged to have killed, and another one by the name of Ontlametse residing at Ntlhantlhe village. I am pleading with the court to give me time to further investigate the case because I would like to take the accused person for psychiatric assessment as he appears not to be of sound mind,” Duna said.

Duna told the court that of recent, Moagi wrote his mother a letter from prison with a message that “clearly” showed that he was still mad with his two ex-girlfriends who had broken up with him.

“Moagi is still furious with both of his ex-girlfriends, especially one by the name of Ontlametse as her name appears several times in the letter hence the need for him to be taken for psychiatric assessment,” Duna said, pleading with court

to submit a copy of the letter as part of the evidence.Without disclosing the whole contents of the letter, Duna said Moagi wrote of how remorseful he was to have killed the little girl.

He (Duna) said Moagi said his initial plan was to kill one of his ex-girlfriends, but instead someone died on their behalf. He said the accused person also wrote that he tried several times to make peace with his girlfriends, but they both spurned his advances, which resulted in the dead of the nine-year-old.

The letter, which Duna read in court, partly stated that, “I went to look for Ontlametse so many times at Ntlhantlhe to ask for her pardon as we had broken up but could not find her. Kene ke tshephisitse Modimo gore I will never hurt her, but the bad spirit ended up challenging me to kill her. I tried to reach Ontlametse using different phones to ask for forgiveness but could not reach her. Instead she replied through a message turning me down. It hurts me that instead someone died in her place’.

“This shows that to date Moagi is still angry with his ex-girlfriend, hence I plead with the court to allow me to take him for psychiatric assessment. This issue of Ontlametse is a serious matter that needs to be properly addressed,” Duna said.

However, Moagi told the court that he wrote the letter to tell her mother how remorseful he was about what transpired, but could not believe that the police were now using the letter to deny him the opportunity to be granted bail. Court further remanded him pending the mental check. He is due in court again on March 1.




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