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Stepdaughter 'Murder' Accused Sent For Psyche Evaluation

Accused. PIC. Keoagile Bonang
FRANCISTOWN: Scores of people mainly from Area W on Friday filled the court to capacity when a man alleged to have killed his stepdaughter appeared for status report.

The Monitor discovered that most people in the court audience thought that the accused, Motlatsi Khoto, 44, an aircraft marshal at the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB), would be tried and subsequently sentenced at the Francistown Magistrate Court for allegedly killing his stepdaughter, Metlha Sibanda, 9, in January, hence coming to court in droves.

They were obviously oblivious to the fact that murder cases are only mentioned at the magistrate court and tried at the High Court after committal from the former.

Before court resumed, this reporter even overheard an audience member saying that he was eagerly waiting for the magistrate to sentence Khoto to death for his ‘sins’.

Be that as it may, Khoto only appeared for the prosecution to inform the court how far they were with their investigations.

Inspector Patrick Mapodise told Magistrate Cele Lebakeng: “Our investigations are still continuing. We make an application for the accused to undergo psychiatric evaluation as part of our investigations. We also apply that the accused should be further remanded in custody”. I

n reply to the application made by the State, Khoto pleaded with the court to grant him bail.

“I was expecting to hear a ruling in respect of the application for bail I made during my previous mention. I am also asking the court to help me get my medical cards at my former

girlfriend’s rented place at Area W. I don’t know if the cards are still there or at Marobela where I took some of my property,” Khoto said.

However, Lebakeng told Khoto she was hesitant to allow him to go to Area W to look for his cards because it may pose a risk to his life.

She said: “Is there anybody who can help you get your medical cards?  It’s risky for the court to grant you permission to go to Area W to look for your cards. What if some people who are still enraged by what you allegedly did attack you? I can’t permit you to got to Area W because of your safety”.

Lebakeng acceded to the application made by the State for Khoto to undergo psychiatric evaluation in order to determine his state of mind before his bail application is considered.

“You previously told the court that you were suffering from depression. Is what you said a self-diagnosis or medical diagnosis?  I don’t want to provoke the emotions of the public by giving you permission to go to Area W to look for your cards,” Lebakeng said.

Khoto then told the court that he was on medication for depression. He submitted to the advice of the court and is due for another appearance on March 2, 2018 for status report.




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