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Ngakaagae rubbishes case against Seretse

In a dramatic submission attorney for Bakang Seretse, Kgosiitsile Ngakaagae has told Judge Godfrey Radijeng that no fraudulent intention could be sustained in a criminal case against his client.

Seretse and two others are facing money-laundering charges before the Regional Magistrate's Court. He made an urgent application to contest what Ngakaagae has branded "a stolen restraining order granted by Justice Godfrey Dijeng few weeks ago". The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) few weeks ago was granted an order to have Seretse's properties and credit account balances placed under restraining and should not be disposed of. 

He said the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) asked for funding from the National Petroleum Fund to build strategic fuel storages across the country. The P250 million was approved by the Department of Energy. He said there is a correspondence from the DIS director Isaac Kgosi instructing Kenneth Kerekang a director at the Department of Energy to release funds to Khulaco (PTY) Ltd. 

"Kenneth Kerekang has been made a fall guy in this matter. This is a fallacy and I will demonstrate why. Later Kgosi says procumbent of petroleum facilities is no longer a priority. He speaks of wildlife poaching, human and drug trafficking. Kerekang is simply a lower director than a Permanent Secretary. Variation is approved by the Permanent Secretary," Ngakaagae submitted. 

He said it was the ministerial head Dr Obakeng who approved the variation. "Obakeng has not been charged with a

crime. Kgosi is also not charged with a crime. Dramatis personaes in this matter are missing. Either they fear Kgosi which is obvious or they are simply trying to conjure a case over nothing." 

After all these going ons some money was wired to Israel, he submitted. He added that this was not Kerekang's job but a ministerial job. "The DPP cannot runaway from that reality. Anything money laundering must start with the source. The paper trail speaks how the money was sourced." 

If the money was not properly sources, he submitted, Kgosi and Kerekang would be in jail. He submitted: "Kgosi can launder P118 million and still gets praises from the DPP and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC). They say he is a villain of malicious gossip by the respondent. He has been cleared and he is now returning the favour".

He said they say his client Seretse might have committed a crime of obtaining by false pretenses a sum of P42 million. He charged that DCEC lacks integrity. He asked: " Where is the affidavit denying that there is no government project and the funds were misappropriately released? Seretse is just a fund manager. No fraudulent intention can be sustained in this case".




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