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Akanamali hitmaker yearns for BW

Staff Writer
Sun El- Musician
Hitmaker of the trending song Akanamali Sun-El Musician is yearning to stage a performance at this year’s Togetherness/Born and Raised event scheduled for December 23 at My Destiny Gardens in Serowe.

The artist posted on his social media accounts excitedly talking of how he could not wait to showcase his musical talent at the event where he will headline alongside local and international acts.

“We can’t wait to showcase this festive season, see you on the road,” Sun-EL Musician wrote on social media. He went on to confirm in a video online, “What’s up my people please catch me at this year’s Born and Raised/Togetherness”.

The young lad’s music has been topping the charts on local radio stations, night clubs, bars and chill spots as many expressed love and joy for his hit track, Akanamali. The song is regarded as a festive tune and has been trending since its release three months ago.

Apart from Sun-EL Musician the event will have

other South African artists like Benny Maverick and Dlala Mshunqisi of the Memeza and Omunye fame.

Local acts such as ATI, Vee Mampeezy, Dramaboi, Charma Gal and Rragwe Tinana also headline the event with their respective hit tracks.

Through an online video Vee Mampeezy also confirmed that he will be staging a performance at the event with his latest lyrically controversial single, Waabatsile.

With the music festival being the main attraction of the event the event management team coordinator, Xotic Ex’zozo stated that there will be other activities such as swimming and family catering activities.

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