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Govít to tackle poor projects delivery

Tightening screws: Ebineng
The Transport and Communications ministry says it will tighten screws on the implementation of public infrastructure projects to address concerns of poor quality products, unfinished works and cost overruns.

The ministry said this at a consultative meeting for roads and ICT [information and communications technology] projects held in Gaborone this week.

Permanent secretary in the ministry, Kabelo Ebineng said they are concerned that it is not getting value for money in most of the projects because of poor quality products, unfinished works and cost overruns.

He said in order to ensure the delivery of quality roads, the ministry found it fitting to engage supervising consultants who are qualified to vet and ascertain that the product delivered by the contractor is of good quality.

“The government is concerned and disappointed by some consultants who fail to honour their agreements in delivering projects and this leaves the employer with many questions,” Ebineng said.

He noted that the aim of the government is to ensure that there is no bleeding of funds through unjustified processes and requirements to the comfort of certain individuals.

Some of the spending, which he said should be curtailed, include reduction in establishment costs and

demand for luxurious project vehicles.

“The consulting engineering fraternity should be able to apply best industry practices into practice. They should ensure that both employer and the public do not suffer the consequences of incomplete, inconsistent, inadequate designs and zero tolerance on poor workmanship,” he said.

Ebineng also said the industry will work with the client to find a better solution to the problems besieging the industry, adding that all parties involved will come up with innovative solutions that can significantly improve the very disciplined industry.

In addition, he said all parties must work together to ensure that the built infrastructure serves its purpose and there is a return on investment.

“They should ensure that the infrastructure built meets the minimum acceptable levels of functionality such as affordability, availability, maintainability, usability, reliability, safety, security and cost effectiveness,” said Ebineng.

He said there is no doubt that engineering is considered to be a disciplined industry with many innovations, methods and techniques for delivering infrastructure projects.




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