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Itís a black metal party

With black metal rock being not so common in the country, local band Raven In Flesh and South African band Demogoroth Satanum will be staging a black metal show on Saturday at Bevanís Farm in Malotwane village.

The event is dubbed Infernal Rites II. Black metal music carries a lot of emphasis on exploration of darkness, rejection of anything that is organised propaganda including politics, religion, authenticity, being true to one without bothering the external pressures.

“Our aim with this event is to host the biggest black metal event in the country, a first of its kind. We are the only ones that can be able to do so since we are the first and only band that does black metal music,” Raven In Flesh band member Rock Thipe also known as The Sodomizer said in an interview.

South African band Demogoroth Satanum is a big ensemble in South Africa and has a huge following. It is also the first black metal music band in their country.

“It is at this show that all the two black metal bands will have plenty of time to unleash their longest play

lists. All metal heads/rockers should be prepared for a night of unholy black metal hymns. We promise everyone totally insane, metal mayhem.” He said prior to the event there would be a meet up at Rockstar Bar at 4pm, which will lead to a convoy parade leading to the venue that is scheduled to start at 8pm. Transport will be provided for those without vehicles from Rockstar Bar to Malotwana. With such an event it will be interesting to see how revelers would be dressed up for the night since rock music fans are well known for dressing up for different occasions.

“There shall be a place reserved for camping. Anyone can bring his/her camping equipment to Malotwana. People who have never been to a rock show should know that rockers are peaceful people therefore they should expect zero violence and theft at our shows,” he highlighted.




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