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Molapise’s dishonesty will catch up with him

In old age the leader of the moribund Botswana People’s Party (BPP) is increasingly becoming a dishonest politician. Why Motlatsi Molapise is spending sleepless nights to destroy his impeccable political credentials boggles the mind.

It does not make sense at all to destroy one’s political legacy built over decades. It seems Molapise does no longer care about his credibility as a politician.

We cannot rule out senility on the part of the veteran politician. Truly speaking, his utterances lately are bordering politically skulduggery. Maybe he wants to die with his BPP that has been in the intensive care unit for decades. Those who care about the BPP should plead with the doctors to switch off the life machine. Really, there is no hope for the BPP in our local politics.

The Molapise-led BPP is as dead as the proverbial Dodo, and life has to move on. Attempts to resuscitate it through the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is also counterproductive because of the shenanigans of its leader, Molapise. Why the leaders of UDC keep on begging Molapise to be a member of the UDC also boggles the mind. Why not let him go because his heart is elsewhere?

What value does the BPP add to the UDC? Numbers? No, it cannot be numbers because the BPP does not have numbers. We are talking of a party that has only one councillor nationally, in the North East. We are talking about a party whose delegates cannot fill a street corner kiosk during a conference. Notwithstanding that UDC did them a big favour to become a coalition member for the sake of the opposition unity, the BPP is now showing the

UDC leadership the middle finger.

How dare! We do not think it is all in the BPP leadership that wants out of the UDC. The problem is majority of them are political eunuchs. They cannot dare stand up to Molapise, only because they failed to lead the party after his retirement and he was forced to continue as the party president. That is how BPP is leadership deficient.

It has been reported that last week, Molapise met with the UDC leaders at Marang Hotel to iron out some pending issues. During the close door meeting, he maintained his allegiance to the UDC project. But when he was challenged to go and address UDC members at Chedu Choga later, he said he was informed late and cited poor health.

Come Saturday during the launch of the new-kid on-the-political-field, the healthy Molapise addressed the Alliance for Progressives (AP) members. This is the man who does not want to address members of his coalition, but prefers to address members of a rival movement.

This is indiscipline of the highest order. The sooner the UDC tells the BPP to go hell the better. The UDC should serve divorce papers on the BPP as a matter of urgency. After all, and conclusively, they have a prima facie case of Molapise’s Jekyll and Hyde persona that serves them or anyone for that matter no purpose.

Today’s thought

“Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.” 

– Norodom Sihanouk




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