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Conference merges business with God

Mauco strongly believes that every woman was born with purpose
Impacting Lives Church held its first Women of the Purple Cloth Conference facilitated by Keba Mauco at Sims Bed and Breakfast in Moshupa recently.

The main objective was to encourage women and make them aware that they have a purpose in life. Mauco, the founder of Women of the Purple Cloth, said that the name was influenced by the word of God on Acts Chapter 16 from verse 11 to 15 that speaks about Lydia who devoted her time, mind and soul to worship God and excel in trading.

“We used Lydia, a seller of purple cloth made of expensive material and was sold to kings. She was a Christian, business woman who took care of her family, servants of God and even strangers,” she said.

Mauco, who is also the founder of Impacting Lives Church, strongly believes that every woman was born with a purpose of which they should stand up, claim and activate. “As women we are blessed with brilliant minds to achieve greater things and that is exactly why God gave us the womb to conceive,” she said.

Prophetess Mauco added that women

have the power to generate things from nothing and convert them to blossom into greatness. She highlighted that despite the struggles that life brings about, women should connect with the Lord and engage themselves to work extra hard. She stated that she wants to see women knowing who they are and understanding themselves, not only in the area of business, but also in the presence of God.

The Christian powered conference was graced by the motivational speaker and founder of Grace Glitters clothing brand Maipelo Jeremiah, who spoke about her Christian brand and encouraged women to be the Lydia of this generation. “I believe in the power of Grace and this brand intends to send the message of God through the art of fashion,” she said.

The conference gathered together powerful women and pastors from different ministries, including Onneile Pontsho, Tshoga Moyo as well as prophetess Masego Lesitaokana. All attendees were showered with gifts as a gesture of appreciation.




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