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ILoveBotswana Ensemble displays brilliant performance

Entertaiment at the launch of Tlhokomela Trust held at GICC
ILoveBotswana Ensemble in collaboration with Mophato Dance Theatre kept the audience mesmerised with a beautiful showcasing of the beauty of Botswana at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) on Friday.

The crew entertained the guests during Tlhokomela Trust official launch dinner. They began their performance with a powerful poem recital by two group members.  One man recited in  a Sesarwa dilect while the poetess recited in English. The poets called on the conservation of wild animals and called against poaching. They talked of how the country was being robbed of its animals whereby each day wildlife species perish due to poaching and other crimes.

They proceeded with a beautiful dance performance that included traditional dance. Amongst the beautiful displays of the day were Black Bow Ties, a group of young men who kept the audience captivated with their melodies.  Thornhill Marimba Band also unleashed its creativity and beautiful marimba rhythms that day.

Giving his welcome address, Tlhokomela Endangered Wildlife chairman, Balisi Bonyongo said the trust aims to act as a facilitating body for conservation activities taking place in Botswana, with a special focus on fund raising initiatives, which were national, sustainable and ensure the longevity of revenue flow to support the protection and growth of Botswana’s endangered species.

He said its objective was to

raise funds for continued monitoring of endangered species in the country for security and biological purposes, promoting endangered species for the conservation of biodiversity, promoting scientific and educational studies of endangered species in Botswana, to play a leading role in international efforts to conserve endangered species and in scientific research into the species and others.

He added that the trust would support activities that deter illegal wildlife trade and in the event of poaching, support the stakeholders on the ground with the most up-to-date technology equipment and training. He added that it would ensure that conservation activities taking place in the country are centralised and homogenised, promoting fund raising to ensure that they are efficient, sustainable and reactive.

Great Plains Conservation contributed eight ‘wolves’ anti-poaching vehicles to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, which were received by the Minister of Environment, Natural Resource Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama. The vehicles were bought from Germany for the protection of endangered wildlife including rhinos, elephants and others. Dignitaries that attended the event included the President Ian Khama and his Vice, Mokgweetsi Masisi.




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