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Hirschfeld celebrates 16 years in the music industry

Hirschfeld has walked tall in the male dominated field for 16 years PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Local music promoter, Zenzele Hirschfeld celebrated her achievements, as the country’s best female promoter in the male dominated field at Sky Lounge in Gaborone on Tuesday.

The celebration was held under the theme, ‘The Lady, Her Strength and Her Friends’. Despite the challenges she encountered, Mama Zen, as most of her artists call her, is still standing tall and aims to walk taller this year and many more years to come to prove to her male counterparts that women also have the strength and capability of being the game changer in the local music industry.

According to the vice president of BEPA, Shima Monageng, who is also the co-founder of Millennium Jazz Festival, Hirschfield is a woman of substance who had seen and conquered it all. “Whatever she touches turns into gold. Everyday I see her rising with energy, joy and happiness. My niece has been at the top for the past 16 years. Even surpassing many in this male dominant industry. She has the energy that many of us lack including me. Lets thank her for the journey of her life she well lived. Keep going up and up because the sky is the limit,” he said.

Poet, Mmakgosi Tau likened Hirschfield to women in the Bible such as Ruth and Queen Ester whom she said were obedient and hard working. Tau announced that later this month, they would be releasing Hirschfield’s documentary showcasing her dedication to showbiz. “You have gone through trials and tribulations but this year you will reap and enjoy the fruits of your labour and dedication to the showbiz industry. You are a woman of resilience. As women, we have always been misrepresented in this male

dominated industry but you have done that. You are a success and never set back on your call of God,” she said.

According to a member of Eskimos, Zaine, Hirschfield was a loyal woman who worked hard to achieve what she set her mind to. He said they met 17 years ago at St Joseph’s College when she started managing them. However, he pointed out that she was a very strict and grounded woman whose strictness paid off at the end of the day. BanT told the gathering that his journey with ‘Zen’ started last year. He said at the time he was managed by his mother whilst he was studying in Johannesburg.

“At the time I didn’t know much about her. I had many bookings and my mother couldn’t handle the pressure. When she told me about Zen I undermined her. I didn’t know much about her so when she called me I asked her so many questions and I decided to give her a try. She pushed me hard and made me realise my talent. I respect her,” he said. All of the artists signed under Zen Productions, including Veezo View and MMP Family, said Hirschfield is a dedicated and strong woman who intimidated her male rivals with her strength and hard work. They said through her they managed to secure gigs and gave them recognition in the local entertainment platform.

Hirschfield’s documentary will be shown during her birthday on October 25, 2017 followed by the Queen Zen’s Ball on October 27.




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