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Mapantsula on a crime fighting mission

Ramotswa pantsula parade PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
While it may sound like the Mafia fighting against organised crime, Mapantsula are determined to change the perceptions about their subculture. Theirs is a subculture that was birthed from organised crime as Mapantsula widely used to be the sleek, fast-paced and handsome gangs of criminals that could stab you for fun with their dreaded sharp Okapi knives.

In their quest of behavioural change and to clear off the criminal stigma, Mapantsula have picked up the fight against crime, drug, women and child abuse. They are hoping to use their popularity and historical background to right wrongs with regards to crime and societal abuses.

The Mapantsula movement has of late been a new sensation and given recognition by the government, as they were part of the BOT50+1 Independence carnival held in Gaborone. They also paraded at the National Stadium during the main BOT50+1 Independence Day celebrations.

On Saturday, Mapantsula took their campaign to Ramotswa where the Razi Original Pantsula Crew hosted a long colourful parade on the village streets. The

parade made a courtesy stop at Ramotswa main kgotla where Kgosi Mosadi welcomed them.

Kgosi Mosadi said she was happy that they found it fit to come and pay tribute to her and encouraged them to continue on their cause for fighting against ills in the society. “I thank you for coming to the kgotla. I have, of recently, noticed that your movement has attracted both young, old men and women and I urge you to work together by up-lifting our community,” said Kgosi Mosadi.

The national Botswana Pantsula organising committee explained to Kgosi Mosadi and Balete what they are hoping to achieve with such parades at various villages




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