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Bang Gae drops True B Dub Stories 2

Record label Bang Gae has released a follow up album True B Dub Stories 2 a stable compilation from their previous one released last year.

True B Dub Stories 2 is stable compilation that comprises songs by different artists signed under Bang Gae. The second installation was released online during Independence Day.

“This is our second offering which comes as a follow up from our previous offering, this time around we have a huge mix bag of music and artists from different generations. The compilations are a way of showing our strength as a local record label and staying consistent at what we do,” said Young Black who is part of Bang Gae.

The album has 40 tracks, double of last year’s offering. The album features songs from artists such as Chrome, Mafoko, Big Duce, High Nation to mention but a few.

Bang Gae also featured artists not signed to the label on the album, who include among

others Louise April, Apolo D, ATI and Chubbito. “We featured outsiders on the album to celebrate musical diversity, arts and culture in the country. This is why the album has different musical genres such as hip hop, reggae, traditional, disco and splash,” Young Black said. Bang Gae producers; F.A.T, Taku and Nephew were the masterminds behind the album.

“As much as we have worked hard on this compilation we are not going to make any financial gains through sales because local music is hardly bought, we are only looking forward to capitalise on live performances, promotions and endorsements,” he added.

True B Dub Stories 2 is currently available online for streaming it can be accessed through the Bang Gae social media platforms such as their Facebook and Twitter accounts.





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