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Babereki Investments Terminates Andrew Motsamaiís Contract Of Employment

Masego Mogwera
Babereki Investments Terminates Andrew Motsamaiís Contract Of Employment

l It is not in the nature of Botswana Public Employees’ Union (BOPEU) to react and respond to every statement about us in the media.

However, in line with keeping regular contact with our stakeholders, the union saw the need to communicate with its members, structures and all stakeholders regarding the separation of the union’s investment arm with comrade Andrew Motsamai, the erstwhile Executive Chairman of Babereki Investments. 

l The leadership of BOPEU and indeed of Babereki Investment wishes to inform the media, members of the union and other stakeholders of their resolution through the Board of Babereki Investments to terminate, forthwith, the contract of employment of Andrew Motsamai.

l The Board of Babereki Investments, which is wholly-owned by BOPEU, convened a special meeting on September the 11, 2017 to discuss among other issues Mr Motsamai’s employment contract. It is at this meeting where a decision was made to terminate his contract. Motsamai has been serving as the Executive Chairman of Babereki Investments since March 1, 2017. 

l It is common knowledge that for the past few weeks, various media platforms from print, radio and social media have been abuzz about the perceived rift between BOPEU and Motsamai.

It is not abnormal for an employer and employee to have differences in the work place, but it is utterly worrying when those differences are blown out of proportion and exaggerated through unbalanced media reporting which seeks to portray BOPEU as a sinking Titanic.

BOPEU remains a solid and intact union, and therefore members and stakeholders are advised to remain calm and focused.

l Furthermore, BOPEU wishes to distance itself from some of the allegations peddled in the media pertaining to the relationship between the Union and

Motsamai and what could have led to the termination of his contract.

The contractual agreement between BOPEU and the latter is private in nature.  BOPEU will not at any point disclose anything regarding the agreement including reasons for the termination of Motsamai’s contract and we appeal to members of the fourth estate to respect such. As a trade union, we cannot be seen to be breaching the privacy and confidentiality of employment contracts.

l We are of the considered view that it is not necessary to delve into the differences or reasons pertaining to the termination of Motsamai’s contract of employment. Further, in the interest of good corporate governance, it will be untidy and unprofessional to divulge the deliberations and reasons advanced by the Board of Directors of Babereki Investments before reaching the decision to terminate the contract of employment of Motsamai. 

l BOPEU remains committed in pursuing its progressive mandate and objectives and we will not be derailed. Our priority remains advancing economic, social and political interests of our collective members.  We remain steadfast and unwavering in this journey to build a 21st century trade union.

l Our members and stakeholders are informed that all operations at BOPEU and its business wing remain open and ready to serve them. Be assured comrades, the leadership is dealing with all matters of concern internally and our members and stakeholders will be notified and briefed through the appropriate union structures and the right for a.

l Finally, we wish to profoundly thank Motsamai for his passion, devotion and commitment he has shown over the years, when serving the union and wish him well in his future endeavours. 


Yours in Labour Struggle

Masego Mogwera (President-BOPEU)

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