What to wear this spring

Statement African neck piece and maxi dresses in Leteisi are a must have. Model Tsholo Dikobe PIC: RAEES ABDOOLA
With every season that comes, fashion trends and dress codes also change. Spring has fallen upon us and it means people have to dress up for the season and leave their warm winter outfits. Arts & Culture correspondent DUMISANI NCUBE interacted with fashion stylists and experts, Tsholo Dikobe and Mboko Basiami who shared their inputs on how one can dress up this season.

“Colour, print, texture are always at the forefront of spring. For women 

kimonos are big this season, in explosion of colours and punch of prints. They are the new trench coats. You may pair them with body hugging dress, pants or jeans to give off that sophisticated style,” said Dikobe.

With spring carrying the windy element, the Kimonos go in well with the season as they are light and cover up the body. They obviously come in different designs and textures such as floral, lace and tassel detailing.

Still on tops for women, Dikobe emphasised that blue banker striped shirt is the in-thing this season as it outclasses white and other coloured shirts. “The blue banker striped shirt is in season, with exaggerated volumes, from the sleeve to the hemlines, and waist line. The shirt is deconstructed and has a new spin to its proportions making it a hottest must have now. The white crisp shirt has been replaced by this banker striped shirt, for now.”

Many ladies have already started wearing the the blue banker striped shirt for different occasions. With casual occasions they wear shorts and the shirts, which are mostly oversized covering the thighs leaving the top buttons of the shirts open.

Talking of men’s wear Dikobe said, “

Printed T-shirts paired with unstructured pieces do all the talking without you having to say a word. 

Vests in pastel colours, for the casual days and for the Saturday stroll”. On the formal wear side Dikobe advised that men should consider Cuban collar shirts and Gingham. As

for men’s footwear, she noted that sneakers will be advisable for the spring season.

Young fashion stylist Basiami’s input was mainly based on the comfort of an individual and appreciating the spring season according to how you would be dressed.

“A mandatory piece this spring is an easy pair of mules and slides. These convenient shoes are not only easy to put on and step in but provide enough airspace for your feet and the casual peep toe, allowing for your colour burst of nail polish to add even more excitement to your overall look,” said Basiami.

Mules and slides are also convenient in that they allow one to experience some fresh and comfort due to the way they are designed. With winter having gone a lot of bodies and flesh are yearning to be exposed to the world and experience a new season, which is why Basiami suggests that shirtdresses are convenient for women.

“Another go to this spring is the casual shirtdress. This is basically an over sized t-shirt worn as a dress. This statement piece acts as a canvas to your look as it is easily accessorised with and goes with any shoe choice, hat, sunglasses or neckpiece”.

She however was cautious on the sunglasses that one can wear in spring citing that reflecting glasses do well as they add some colour to someone dressed up for the season.

The spring season is always welcome with different reactions as it makes and allows people to change from the winter gear, which are mostly warm outfits.




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