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Main Act Mr Ibu’s Performance Mediocre

Mr Ibu making a grand enterance PIC: DUMISANI NCUBE
Nigerian comedian Mr Ibu failed to deliver some exciting comedy antics that saw the audience walk out during his act at the Gaborone International Music Culture (GIMC) Week’s comedy show.

The event was held last Friday at Ba Isago University. It had a lineup of both local and international comics such as Mawee, Phenyo the Master, Kgafela, Thapelo Malani, Crip Michaels Roy wa le Pantsula, Tips Shampoo the host and Mr Ibu the main act.  Mr Ibu came on stage as the final act. Unlike his counterparts he did not stage a stand-up comedy performance, but did the actual acting antics that were in two phases with each act lasting less than 10 minutes. In the first act he was trying to court a woman, asking her if she would sleep with him if he bought her a car.  “If I buy you a car, will you give me that thing?”.

In the second act he came on stage as a boxer with an ambition to fight Floyd Mayweather. He boxed an imaginary rival till he lost the match. He came back on stage for the last act holding the mic, but did not deliver any jokes. He called the MC Tips Shampoo on stage to help him select six beautiful women who he will take to Nigeria for a movie.

 While selecting the women he started greeting his fellow Nigerians in the audience as he went where they were seated, some in the audience got bored and left the venue. His team was quick to notice the retiring guests, as they had to reign him in and bring him back on

stage to choose the six women and finish the show.

Prior to Mr Ibu’s performance, a number of comics had the audience in stitches with their jokes.

 Young comic Crip Michaels took a dig at the likes of Sidney Pilane likening his head to a bus, “When Gaolathe sees a bus, he will be quick to say that’s Pilane”.

He went on to talk about the #Rabatsaa saying most Gaborone women used the term meaning that they snatch away people’s husbands.

 Mochudi native Kgafela came on stage wearing a jacket and spoke of how weatherman Radithupa Radithupa can be confusing when it comes to weather reporting, which makes people wear outfits that are not meant for certain conditions.

“If Radithupa Radithupa was a teacher, students would fail, he would tell them that 1+1=3 because he is always saying confusing stuff,” said Kgafela.

Host Tips Shampoo was the better man as he had the audience laughing through out the night. He was relevant to the Botswana audience despite him being from South Africa.

Tips Shampoo likened the Shangaan tribe to Kalangas saying when they speak they sound as if it’s a vehicle starting up.“Lesbians be calling men majita speaking in a deep voice, I am just wondering if they still feel like Majita when they are on their periods,” joked Tips Shampoo. He went on to talk of how black people love getting stuff for free, stating that since circumcision is free some do it twice.




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