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Trade Unions Aspire To See A Better Botswana

Trade unions are part of the civil society that aspire to see a better Botswana. Trade unions fight for the poor. Trade unions fight for the disadvantaged. Trade unions fight for the down trodden.

Trade unions are supporters and proponents of the mainstream public education that can be accessed by all, inclusive of the poorest of the poor. Trade unions are vigorously opposed to the commercialisation of education that results in mushrooming of capitalist-oriented private schools, that sell education to the highest bidder to maximise their profit.

We believe, Madam, that education is a public good, and it needs not be sold to citizens. Education is a passport to prosperity for all of our citizens irrespective of economic background. It is on this notion  that we become so glad and very excited when public schools such as this one excel, as this means that children of the poor are receiving quality education which would enable them to shake away the shackles of poverty. It is in this same vein, that we applaud teachers of Nanogang JSS for their continuous toiling to produce the best from the children of the poor and the common man, while faced with stringent and shoe - string resources, and exposed to deplorable and debilitating conditions of service.

BOSETU, contrary to the widely held perception that it is hell-bent on causing havoc and disruptions in schools, exists rather to instill harmonious work relations in teaching institutions, which is recipe for high productivity levels. BOSETU, of cause, is an agile union, proactive, enthusiastic and robust in fighting to protect

the rights of teachers, and agitating for the improvement of their welfare. This sometimes is misconstrued by many that the union is a proponent of unruliness and chaos.

To those who hold this view, we would like to put it on record that this is not what we stand for. We stand for fairness, we stand for protection of teacher rights, we stand for acceptable working conditions, and we stand for quality education.

It has to be noted that amongst the founding objectives of BOSETU, is an endeavour to protect the integrity of the teaching profession. That is why we at BOSETU would not be a union that encourages non-compliance to work ethics, hard work and dedication. In conclusion, comrades, we as BOSETU note and recognise the consistent excellent performance that has been continuously exhibited by Nanogang JSS staff, and we have for the past three years released press statements following the release of the JC results commending Nanogang JSS teachers, for their exceptional, hard work and dedication.

I would like to leave you today, comrades, with this quote from one of the world greatest motivators, Francisco Jordan that “

“Excellence is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities”

*BOSETU Secretary General Tobokane Rari was speaking at Nanogang JSS Prize Giving Ceremony

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