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An Action-Packed Colour Run

This yearís edition of the annual Colour Run was action-packed as it carried a number of activities for the low turnout left colourfully quenched on Saturday at Serokolwane Lawns.

The event started off in the morning with the traditional five-kilometre run within the Serokolwane Lawns area, which had a number of people taking part in throwing of powder colours that was enjoyed by most and left them colourful from head to toe.

Colour throws were the main attraction of the event as people continued with it even after the run, as they grouped into a mob on the dance floor that had a bright colourful cloud formed by the powders.

While at it, some were playing ball games such as five-a-side soccer on the grounds.

As time went by, it was more of a picnic set up with many people seated on camp chairs still looking colourfully in conversation over food and drinks with disc jockeys spinning the decks.

Late afternoon, DJ Ozi The Great took to the decks with a set that had a lot of people up from their seats to the dance floor due to the music selection that was a series of hits. The colour throwing hype came live again as the music excited the people.

Before the sun went down, people had to leave the

event because the shuttle bus had begun transporting attendants from the venue to Gaborone.

For some, they were going to their houses to refresh and return to the same venue.  The transportation killed the momentum, which had been built as it left a few people just seated at the venue.

As night came by it was the neon party, which had an endless line up of entertainers such as Casper The DJ, Sbi Techn, Ricky Lamar, German Dollar and Ban T.

This year’s event was not much of a success as the previous one with a number of people stating that the location of the venue was too far from the city. At first, it had been announced that the event will be held at Fairgrounds Landfill and it had to be changed last week with the event organisers stating that the venue was not secure and it did not reach the standards of the event.

The morning after the event a number of people shared their experiences on social media with some saying it was not well organised, especially where the shuttle bus service was concerned.




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