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Open Letter To The Former BCP Youth League President

BCP Youth
Greetings Comrade. It is my hope that this letter finds you in magnificent health. My assumption is that the dust has not yet settled since your resignation from BCP youth league presidency. As you are aware, the shenanigans are doing their best in sowing the seed of dissension within one of the gigantic opposition parties (BMD).

This is the foremost reason that delayed this civil letter, my friend. I know very well that you are watching every action of these shenanigans with excessive delight and wishing for the worst. Former president, my intention for writing this letter is not geared towards attacking you, nor subjecting you to any anguish.

The letter is just serving the slight purpose of advancing my view about your recent resignation. Several weeks ago, I divulged my position about your sudden resignation using the platform of social media. Unfortunately my premise attracted invectives from you and those who are claiming to rationalise your decision. The likes of Cde Traford Owe Mmolawa and other pseudos’ could not control invectives which were gushing uproariously out of their mouths to scorn my opinion; they used all the adverse words to castigate me.

Comrades, I don’t expect a fair judgement from menacing sell-outs. These Comrades have allowed themselves to be so gullible to the lures of the enemy.

Comrade former president, remember how we met at the University of Botswana. If you can’t remember, we met some few days after you ditched the SRC presidency after being accused of embezzling some few thousands. By that time, we were members of the Botswana National Front (BNF). During our encounter, I realised that you were a brave man, but it was only a pity that you were using your bravery to destroy yourself by failing to control what was coming out of your mouth. I didn’t give up easily on you Comrade, because I believed that you needed someone to push you towards the right destiny in order to become a politician of essence, and I believed

I would be the perfect person to nurture you.

As time hurried away, I observed that you could not control your raging envy for overnight wealth, hence you snappishly joined the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). During this time, Comrade I was not surprised as I was already foreseeing the worst in your political voyage.

When you were at BDP, you bravely transformed into Attention Hyper Deficit Disorder. Everything that you touched could not see the light of the day. Hurling invectives became your norm and getting ahead of yourself could not get your anywhere.

Your behaviour matched that of a bird which gives off 20 droppings before even landing on the ground. You made a u-turn to the opposition with a mandate to generate income and that did not work out. Comrade, it is very clear that you had wrong reasons for re-joining opposition politics. You have to establish the difference between job seekers and politicians.

The best time for you to commence job-hunting was immediately after tying the knot. Before joining BOPEU, you were all over the city telling the media how the opposition has starved your family .

What an indelible shame! Comrade you are not the first ‘politician’ to have a family. I think you must tell Batswana the truth that you didn’t have what it takes to be a leader in the opposition politics. People like you are easily forgotten in the arena of liberation politics for they were only aiding to open outlets for the enemy to strike. Go well Comrade, and good luck in your future endeavours my friend.

* Mk. Colonel Sekwena Kebapetse is a Post Graduate Philosopher from University of Botswana.

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