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My Bobonong

I am so happy and at peace with what happened in Bobonong.This was predicted by most analysts and one day some how it had to happen. At least today no one at Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) can say he or she is sleeping with the enemy.

The two forces are now separated. The balloon that has been growing has popped. It is just unfortunate that it happened the way it did.  Throwing of stones and hurting other comrades was just uncalled for.

I strongly believe we are not at that level and we should never be. What we see happening in other countries might work for them in one way or the other, but it doesn’t mean it could work for us.We are just not like that. To the BMD and other opposition members do not despair, do not lose hope and be strong. BMD is at a teething stage, restless.

When it outgrows this stage it will grow up faster and stronger. I take it that we will not see a repeat of Bobonong because the separation of the long pretended forced marriage is out in the public. Or one would say the capture of the BMD has been exposed.  In a normal democratic

way, the voice of the masses must be heard and respected.

If not the unfortunate scenes we saw in Bobonong would likely happen in any party or any government that is not prepared to listen to the masses of its citizens. Maybe let me also congratulate Botswana Democratic Party, Botswana National Front and Botswana Congress Party for conducting their congresses in a mature and respectable manner. These are old political parties and some of them have experienced what BMD just went through.

  What must now happen is for the BMD to call another Extra Ordinary Congress immediately, bringing all factions under the same house in the presence of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leadership.  If need be, the UDC could chair this special congress so that they have a very clear picture of who exactly is out of order. Some of our advices from a distance would save the movement. Lord have mercy.

Eddie Mdluli

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