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Beginning Of The End Of The Secret World War: An Open Letter To The Dalai Lama

Beginning Of The End Of The Secret World War: An Open Letter To The Dalai Lama

l In 2008/09, after emigrating to Italy/Europe/UK, I made an offer to provide some assistance to you and your exiled administration, largely out of care and compassion; upon writing to the DIIR, I received a reply to say that my skills were “urgently needed”.

l I then sought funds for this endeavour, with no word of advice or help on this from the DIIR.

l When I went to London to collect my visa which, unfortunately and due to my honesty and the Indian government’s insistence, had to be a ‘journalist’s’ visa – i.e. not a cheaper tourist visa, which I then had to purchase not once but twice, out of my own funds, after my passport was deliberately damaged in London, by someone I believe to be/have been, a spy/secret agent.

l A few days after I arrived in London in May 2009 I found myself drugged, on some sort of psychotropic substance; the drugging was very intense, very relentless, and went on for a sustained period of time – about two weeks in total, which weakened me substantially.

l I flatly believe – am convinced – that the perpetrators of this drugging were members of Western Intelligence agencies, namely MI5/MI6 and the CIA.

l I returned to Italy very distraught, very disturbed, very debilitated and very much weakened by this experience, which I believe to have been extremely foolish – and I mean extremely foolish – of these agencies, which, had they merely sat back and watched, would have seen merely a South African anti-apartheid, human rights-focused journalist with experience at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and nation-building in a post-apartheid, democratic government.

l Partially, as a result of my weakened condition, my son almost died as a result of my neglect partly as a result of my extremely weakened and debilitated condition, and I arrived in India effectively divorced and with the effective loss of my two children partly as a result of the absurd and bizarre and extremely vicious indeed psychotic and militaristic behaviour of these agencies, which one would have surmised would have been ‘on your side’ as it were, even if I saw myself as having no enemies whatsoever – i.e. I was not prepared to allow your ‘enemies’ to become my enemies. This was out of the question.

l As much as these agencies attempt to control people, situations and indeed people’s minds to an extent, they failed to prevent the near-death of my son, thus exposing their own weaknesses and the failings of their modus operandi.

l That these agencies should ever have come near me is something for which I have to hold you responsible, and for which I am holding you responsible. You must provide answers as to why I was drugged, and so severely and for so long, in my attempt to help you. This is something you must do.

l Despite all that had happened to me, I still endeavoured to assist your exiled administration, going on later to work in London and then in South Africa, where I was professionally headhunted for a senior government position and then threatened with arrest within weeks of accepting the position and endeavouring to fulfill my professional responsibilities in this position. It is my view that one of the reasons I was in fact approached for this job was as a result of my being supposedly ‘stress-tested’ or suchlike for the work I undertook for the administration of which you at the time were the formal head.

l Following this traumatic event –

being threatened with arrest by a government for whose cause I had devoted much of my life and for whose cause I perhaps would have given my life – I then undertook to write a memoir explaining my positions and what I had done in my life, if only to set myself free from perpetual distrust and suspicion.

l Following the (self) publication electronically of this book, I found no support from anyone, other than, for reasons beyond my own understanding, a Russian organisation and, for reasons I could more easily comprehend, the South African government’s own international marketing organisation – despite the fact that I was earlier threatened with arrest by this government.

l Most bizarrely, and completely to my surprise, I was then drugged again, in Italy, starting on June 16, 2013, several weeks after I had published my book on March 17, 2013. This time, the drugging I was subjected to was even more intense and sustained, and went on for about three weeks – from June 16, 2013, until about July 7 or 8 2013. Non stop. I repeat: I was involuntarily drugged – effectively tortured to an extent that I would, using Truth and Reconciliation Commission criteria, regard as being tantamount to ‘attempted murder’ rather than mere ‘severe ill treatment’. I have since come to be of the firm belief that the same Western agencies, especially the CIA but also MI6 and MI5, were the perpetrators of this atrocity.

l It is now my firm view that you, as a result of these actions and because all of these violations to my person were effectively perpetrated while I was on a course to assist you and your administration and your people/s, must take some form of responsibility for this.

l I do hope that you manage to see things from my point of view, to have some empathy and even compassion for the extreme trauma to which I was subjected, and that you see fit to attempt to make amends for this. This said, I did note that in the wake of the publication of my book – which was a further attempt to assist you and your people and to achieve some form of conflict resolution for your situation – I received zero transparent support from you and/or your people, which did nothing to make me feel any better.

l Lastly, I remain absolutely and intensely traumatised as a result of what was done to me in the course of trying to assist you and your government. It is my wish that something be done to ameliorate this intense and prolonged trauma. Why I was not left alone, as a South African journalist with strong human rights credentials, to assist you and your people is something I fail to understand, and insist that the blame for the extreme foolishness regarding the way I was treated lies firmly and squarely at your door and that of the Western Intelligence agencies, which perpetrated these abuses with a disgusting sense of impunity for their actions.

l I hope that you will pay serious attention to my concerns. I reserve the right to publish the contents of this letter in full on my web log. I want this insanity and cruelty to end. Those responsible for, and guilty of, these crimes against my person must be held accountable. Failing this, it is my view that you and your exiled people will achieve no peace or resolution in your argument with the Chinese government.

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