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Some guys are weak

While women are by no means immune from lustful temptation, men struggle with such temptations to a much greater degree. Far more men commit adultery than women.

In premarital relationships, men are far more likely to stray from their partners than women. Even the Bible attests to this. While the jury is still out there concerning what really happened at that sacred garden; whether that was just another parable or a real apple, the storyline is still the same; men succumb to temptation easily.

Before someone lunges at me with a knife with all sorts of accusations, Matthew 5:28 refers exclusively to men lusting after women. While lust is sinful for both men and women, the fact that the passage only speaks of men committing “heart adultery” implies that sexual temptation is primarily a male problem. Researchers, divorce attorneys, and stand-up comedians agree: Guys have a harder time resisting lustful temptation. Studies suggest married men are more likely than women to have extramarital affairs, as well as to seduce someone else’s partner, and in some cases, even their friends or neighbour’s children.

Someone may ask, why this topic. I am not Sis Dolly nor even Dr Phill, far from it. As with many other topics I often discuss, something must have happened which must have influenced this topic. So, last week a scantily dressed young female took a stroll at the bus rank, unbeknownst to her, she was soon to be an instant ugly attraction, a hot potato topic on radios, social media and all over. Walking briskly at the bus rank, a pack of hot-blooded males then pounced on her, whereupon they followed her and tugged at her dress, occasionally hoisting it up.

Others view the attack as abuse in the physical sense on the young lady. I don’t, the moment I watched that video it became immediately evident to me that the issue wasn’t so much the woman’s alleged ‘low morals’. What I saw was a bunch of men overcome with lust. You could see it, they pretended to be incensed and outraged, but their demeanors soon gave the game away. Even their knees appeared weak as they limped behind the young lady. They could have crawled. They were that weak. Some kept tripping and occasionally held onto others for support.

The scene even reminded me of that incident in the Bible where the blind and sick limped and followed Jesus as he walked by, desperate for healing. Watch the video again.

Pay attention to their voices. Those were not normal male voices; I heard moans and cat-like groans. This charged up bunch of males left their peanuts and sweets stalls, abandoned their idling taxis and buses with customers still waiting inside to follow this female.She is just barely out of her teens yet these grown-up men, men with wives, daughters and sisters back home, pushed and shoved each other, just to follow and touch her. Christmas had come early for them!

One research published in the Personality and Social Psychology bulletin suggests that men’s ability to resist temptation is no stronger or weaker than that of the ladies.

It points out the intensity of men’s desire. According to this and other reports, men are more likely to succumb to the sexual temptation. Also, that this is a function of impulse strength, a major weakness of their lack of self-control, so to speak. Obviously, many of us were outraged, appalled that this primitive behaviour of undressing of females at the bus rank still happened in 2017. You would be mistaken to think that by now, everyone has seen it all; naked people on TV and magazines, people with perfect toned bodies, others with terrible out of shape bodies.

Many of us, including those men at the bus rank, have at some point in our lives seen people in swim wear at public swimming pools. Most hotels have swimming pools, even village low budget lodges. If you haven’t seen swimwear, then you have definitely seen traditional dance groups in this country. The dress sense is the same, skirt length even shorter than that girls dress.

I hear the lustful males and their cheering female counterparts have been arrested. Yes, women were involved too, cheering the males on as they groaned ‘lustfully behind their prey, pretending to be offended. Women hate stiff competition. My guess is the charges will stem from assault to verbal abuse. Well, in the absence of a law against lustful behaviour, this leaves the law officers with no other option I guess.

If I had my way, and I was asked to prescribe a fitting sentence for these males, I would lock them up in a room with male pit-bulls during mating season. I have no doubt that their healing would be instant and permanent.

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