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BDP fraternal friends remember Masire

The late former president Masire
TONOTA: Foreign delegates at the weekend Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) congress spoke glowingly of late former president, Sir Ketumile Masire and how Botswana played a vital role in the liberation of Africa.

A member of the Mozambique Liberation Front conveyed a message of condolence on behalf of his country’s President and the people of Mozambique to the Masire family, BDP and all Batswana.

 The delegate said Botswana and Mozambique enjoyed historical ties and hailed Botswana for hosting some of his compatriots en route to Tanzania during Mozambique’s liberation struggle.

“We would like to express our profound gratitude to Botswana for the assistance the country has given us during the years. We are pleased to share with you that Mozambique is experiencing peace, thanks to the late President Sir Ketumile Masire who was a mediator of peace between our government and rebels,” he said.

A delegate from Namibia’s ruling South West Africa People’s Organisation congratulated the BDP for holding its elective congress.

“The BDP played a major role in the economic emancipation of our Namibia. We take pride in having forged close

cooperation with the BDP. We thank the government of Botswana for having given us refuge during the days of our liberation struggle,” said the delegate.

A delegate from South Africa’s ruling African National Congress , Edna Molewa conveyed a message of condolence to Batswana in general on the passing of Masire.

“Our father, Sir Ketumile Masire was a great statesman who will be sorely missed. Botswana has privilege of giving birth to great leaders…

Our freedom fighters lived and passed through this country to various destinations in the world during the apartheid struggle. You saved many of our lives and we will always feel indebted to you,” Molewa said.

A delegate from Zimbabwe’s ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front extolled Botswana for its role during the country’s liberation struggle.

The delegate congratulated the BDP for having led Botswana to prosperity since attaining independence in 1966.




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