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Barclays Bank of Botswana Participates in the Ghanzi Show

Following its recent partnership with Sandveldt Ranchers Farmers Association, Barclays Bank of Botswana has flexed its muscle to demonstrate its support of the local agricultural sector as a viable industry to fuel Botswana’s economic growth and self-sustainability goals.

The bank participated in the Ghanzi Show held from the 4 to 10 July 2017 in support of the development of local commercial beef farming through the sponsorship of P 40 800.

“Barclays believes that expansion of agricultural production, investment in agro-industrial and supply chain development is key to Botswana’s economic diversification,” says a statement from the bank. 

The Ghanzi Show is a livestock farmers’ show held once a year to promote livestock farming and best agricultural practices in the beef industry in Botswana. The event attracts approximately 300 exhibitors each year and brings together local beef farmers to exhibit their livestock, share their expertise, establish partnerships and share the latest technology innovations in the agricultural sector. 

The Barclays bank of Botswana, Business Banking Director, Andre Potgieter said; “As a nation, economic diversification remains a key priority to achieve sustainable long-term economic growth of our country. When the country gained independence in 1966, the agricultural sector represented 40% of the country’s GDP, with an estimated 80% of the agricultural share coming from livestock production - primarily beef.

Given the

agricultural sector’s declining share in GDP, the success of the show validates the need to diversify agricultural production and promote the potential for investment in agro-industrial and supply chain development.” The event regularly sees attendance of key stakeholders in the agricultural sector including the Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board, Botswana Meat Commission and Department of Veterinary Services among others. 

Concluded Mr. Potgieter, “Botswana’s economic development rests on the shoulders of its citizenry, and not the government. The success of the Ghanzi Show demonstrates that as Batswana we can achieve sustainable economic growth and diversification when we enhance local farming skills and expertise, as well as local entrepreneurship capability.

As Barclays Bank of Botswana, we are glad to support and participate in initiatives like this that promote Shared Growth through cross-industry collaboration as we realise that it will take different industries and sectors of our economy working together to develop local commercial farming as one of the key drivers to achieve  sustainable economic growth. Barclays Bank is committed to the development of the sector.”





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