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BMD’s Survival Of This Tribulation Would Prove Its Strength

As I was confined in my lonely office and brooding in my own thoughts, the thought of hitches at the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) annexed my mind and I found myself penning this down.

It is not a furtive anymore that a group of individuals are out there trying by all available means to quash and destabilise the BMD.

In fact, these individuals are claiming to be the adherents of the party’s constitution but their actions prove otherwise. If they want to protect and adhere to the constitution, does the constitution aim at destroying the party and exposing it to all forms of suppression? NO! Fellow countrymen, allow me to make it clear that the deeds of Mk Modubule and his team are not orientated towards building the movement at all.

We don’t need a rocket scientist to establish what they are up to, even novices can see that they are up to no good. Some political clowns have opted to team up with this man claiming that they want what is best for the Movement, What is amusing is that they can’t even quote regulations which motivate their hell-bent actions.  

Bakaulengwe, real adherents of the constitution know the right timing and place to settle any misunderstandings. Let me make it clear that if this is how they defend the party constitution, then they have an odd way of doing it. They don’t belong to the BMD.

They must seek political  asylum somewhere else and work on their substandard political ideologies. Now to the legitimate party president and genuine members of the party, this is the test that is going to determine whether your party is fit in the political field. This trying period will test your unity, persistence and perseverance. 

This is the time your party needs your untainted loyalty the most. Batswana will judge the BMD looking at how it overcame this period and how it derived extra strength from it. Of course the BMD as a growing party

is a threat to the ruling party and as such it is not immune to any threats, so they must not be shocked by this occurrence. Yes, this is essential to test the party’s relevance in the modern day politics. 

Batswana want a party that can overcome any tribulation thrown at it at any given time. It is very obvious that if they fail to overcome this challenge they will perish and lose relevance in the modern day politics. The movement should be prepared to lose some members for the sake of stability and cohesion.

By the look of things, the enemies of opposition parties are not going to be friendly at this war, and it is not astounding to think that the ruling party is behind this. We all know that the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)  cannot just sit back and watch Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)  overthrowing it.

All the tricks are being used in the arena of politics. The days are drawing nearer and nearer for 2019 polls and as campaigns will be gaining momentum, dirty tricks will also escalate and no one will be spared.

Mk Gaolathe with all the support of Bakaulengwe, you have get over this period and prove to Batswana that your party is worth it. Convince the nation through surviving this rough patch, assure the nation that that the BMD is durable and ready to liberate Batswana. 

As for the other attention-seekers who want to use this calamity to restore their relevance, ignore them and stay determined to build the party. Remember a phrase that says “A man in pursuit of an elephant cannot stop and throw stones at barking dogs”.

Cde.Mk. Sekwena Colonel Kebapetse is the Founding Chairman of University of Botswana Council Of Student Elders.

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