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Letshwiti Issues Stern Warning Over Licensing

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) president, Maclean Letshwiti has expressed disappointment at the snailís pace with club licensing, saying defaulting sides face expulsion.

Speaking at the Botswana Premier League (BPL) annual general meeting (AGM) held in Gaborone on Saturday, Letshwiti said moving towards professionalism will be a difficult step that needs clubs to conclude the process or else face expulsion from the elite league.

“The task that lies ahead of us is a difficult one. I am, however disappointed that I do not see the zeal and excitement that we need to take us forward. In 2014, the BFA postponed the process to this season. The moment of truth is here, if you don’t comply you will drop. You will not be able to participate in the league. This is a FIFA requirement, it is not my request,” he said.

Letshwiti, who addressed the chairmen of 16 premier league clubs on the request, reminded the delegates that the process is about governance in football, which he said has been lacking in the past years. He said the process will enable clubs to compete in regional and international competitions as per FIFA requirements and will help the clubs to move towards a more professional setup.

“You are in the socio model. It lacks the governance, it can work but if you want the outright model we can make it

work too, then we will simply assassinate it. You are failing me and your are failing yourselves.”

Letshwiti, who was voted into the FIFA’s reform and disciplinary committee, said his role will be to instil discipline in football across the world and will have to start on the home soil.

“I am disappointed, you should be far ahead on the issue of commercialisation. I’m tired of running your affairs. You should be on your own now  looking for your own sponsorships. At this time you should be out of Lekidi (Football Centre). Are you telling me that you are incompetent? You have this period to show me that you can work on your own.”

“The reason our teams are not doing well is that we are not looking after our players. We are just administrators, the main actors here are the players. As a member of the FIFA disciplinary committee, I am going to reinforce some regulations; one of them is the players’ welfare and I am going to start here, at home,” Letshwiti said.

Only two clubs, Township Rollers and Orapa United have completed the club licensing process while the deadline for the other 14 clubs is between July 10 and 14.




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