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High quality printing available locally

Printing unit
The Mmegi printing plant prides itself as a centre for excellence in the Southern Africa region. Media organizations from neighbouring countries send their employees here as interns and for attachment. Others come for benchmarking and to learn best practice.

The new equipment, which has just been commissioned, puts the Mmegi printing plant in a league of its own in Botswana.

One of the strengths of the Mmegi printing division that always intrigue visitors from other countries is the high standard of maintenance of the press. Many printing presses, which are much newer than our first web machine, are run-down because of lack of proper maintenance. Maintenance requires a high level of discipline and commitment because it has to be done regularly.

Above all the customer has always been the focus of what we do. At Mmegi we don’t compromise on quality. Over the last 16 years we have perfected the art of printing and we can compete with the best in the world. With the acquisition of the new state-of-the-art heat-set press we have broadened our range of offerings and we promise better quality, service and quicker turnaround time in terms of delivery.

Our printing team is always looking for new ways of improving efficiency regarding operations as well as safety and conservation of the environment.

The Mmegi printing plant is situated in Tlokweng Industrial Site along the main road to the border with South Africa. The printing division started operations in 2001.

One of the first things that the company did at the initial stages of the project was to recruit and train

locals who would operate the plant. To that end, five young Batswana were engaged as apprentices and underwent intensive training on the job as well as academic. They all qualified as machine minders (artisans) and certified by the South African based certifying body, FP&SETA.

Besides Government Printers, Mmegi was the first company to qualify artisans in the printing field at that level. The company did not stop there. More locals were trained in other fields of the printing industry, e.g pre-press, origination etc.  

Some of the artisans who received their first training and experience at the Mmegi printing plant are now working for other printers in the country. The Managing Director of Mmegi, Titus Mbuya, says he is proud of that because “as a citizen owned company, Mmegi has a responsibility not only to empower locals with skills but must also train for the national economy.” He says, “While it is not good to lose staff, especially after investing so much in them, so long as they still contribute to the local economy it is fine. “

The plant in Tlokweng employs 55 people and over 70 percent of the staff are women. Among other things, this team of dedicated workers ensures that you read your favourite papers every morning, which include The Monitor, Midweek Sun, Guardian and Mmegi.




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