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Letís Bow To Teachers

The role played by teachers in the community cannot be overemphasised. Teachers are the bedrock of each and every societyís success.

Teachers have produced men and women of repute and still continue to play the important role of educators. Societies at times tend to ignore or undermine the big role played by teachers in building the nation.

All successful men and women have passed through the hands of teachers, who are the ones who moulded them into what they are today. In all honesty, teachers spend more time with students more than parents do, and during school days, they take the role of not only educators, but that of parents as well.

Things have changed, and life has become more challenging. Parents nowadays find themselves forced to work long hours in order to put food on the table, and as a result some end up spending less and less time with their children. Teachers in concerted efforts with parents mould their students into responsible citizens.

Teachers converged in Mochudi on Friday to celebrate National Teachers’ Day amid challenges of being amongst some of the civil servants who were excluded from the three and four percent salary adjustment by their employer due to Government’s unilateral decision to award an increment yet the bargaining process was still on.

Other challenges in the teaching service include

shortage of accommodation for teachers, shortage of textbooks and laboratories for students, but teachers still find ways to make it work so that their students can get the necessary resources to complete their studies.

Challenges faced by teachers in our country are immense, but the Good Samaritans continue to soldier on.

Teachers should be amongst the most paid in the public service, but the powers that be, do not seem to be in agreement with that thought. They should not only be appreciated and acknowledged with kind words, but also commitment to improving their livelihood. 

How would we expect teachers to be motivated enough to do their work diligently when faced with work environment challenges as well as personal challenges due to the meagre salaries they are being paid? President Ian Khama, when speaking at the National Teachers Day, said the celebration demonstrated Government’s resolve to acknowledge, appreciate, recognise and celebrate the contribution of teachers in our communities. Mr. President, let us take this opportunity to plead with you to also commit to improving the working conditions of teachers as well as their remuneration. Let us celebrate our teachers, the ones who contribute immensely to building our nation.




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