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Molatedi Is Mister Gaborone

Cavin Molatedi PIC: FILE PIC
Cavin Molatedi outdid 10 of his opponents when he was crowned King of the Mister Gaborone pageant on Sunday morning at the Three Dikgosi Monument in Gaborone.

The 20-year-old young man proved that there can only be one king of a castle after winning over the judges.  He was a favourite with the women due to his physique and talents he exhibited on stage. Molatedi answered the judges’ questions brilliantly, saying he would promote the country’s heritage. Molatedi, who had shown that he was fiercely aiming to get the throne, confidently told the judges that Botswana is blessed with a rich culture that needed to be shared with the nation and the world at large.

“During my reign as Mister Gaborone, I would empower Batswana men through our culture. I would use this opportunity to come up with tactical ways to ensure that our culture does not vanish into thing air. It does not have to die with us. I would sell my country, as we have many tourist sites and monuments just like the one we are hosting the pageant in,” he said confidently.

Pako Mavuma, 30, scooped second position. He was asked if he believed that culture plays a role in the country’s economy. He was told to support his answer if he agreed that culture plays a part in diversifying the country’s economy.

“I believe that our culture plays a big role in Botswana’s economy. I say this because we have many heritage sites that continue to attract many tourists from different

walks of life,” he said.

Former ‘My Star’ contestant, Rramonyai Rramonyai who was amongst the women’s favourite came in third. Rramonyai was asked how he was going to ensure that the country does not lose its culture if he was going to be crowned Mister Gaborone. He said he would start with the children.

The young man said for the country to preserve its culture, it must teach children its importance. He explained that they would grow up with a sense of pride towards their culture and would pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

Even though he did not win the title, Kabelo Mholo, 20, who was in the top five won the Mister Photogenic title while his competitor, Martin who was also in the top five, scooped the Mister Personality title.

During the fashion show, the men looked stunning in different and elegant attires from Kay Gear. The contestants also paraded in traditional wear and jeans, where the women could not help themselves but screamed in excitement, appreciating the men’s physiques.  All the contestants were stunning in their masterfully tailored suits.

Maphutha Dichaba songstress, Thuli who was amongst the audience gave a sterling performance, even though she was not scheduled to.  Her song Maphutha Dichaba remains a hit amongst a lot of Batswana.  Madeno and Billama Stars treated the audience to a live performance.




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