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Khama’s Last Chance

As the soon-to-be outgoing President, Ian Khama has only this financial year to stamp his legacy in the hearts and minds of citizens, residents, critics and fans alike.

He seeks to ride on the provisions of this financial year, whose budget is to be presented later today to map forward his signature programmes that would ensure he is remembered as the President that delivered.

He is also running the final lap not only as a President but also as the son of the founding father of this nation, Sir Seretse Khama, whose legacy for the country lives eternally. 

Khama would not want to etch his name either deliberately or by default as the worst President the country has ever seen.

It is on this logical equation that legacy programmes would leave the feel-good effects in the hearts of citizens and residents across the various economic spectra. 

The programmes are expected to be announced, pursued and implemented for the good of the nation in this financial year that starts with the Budget Speech to be delivered by Finance minister, Kenneth Mathambo later today.

There is no doubt that despite numerous efforts by Khama’s Government to jack up the economy such as Ipelegeng, economic hubs, Economic Diversification Drive, Target 20,000 and the Economic Stimulus

Package (ESP), there still remains an outcry against unemployment and a stagnant economy.

These latter two have resulted in the ever-present mood of despondency and despair across all sectors. President Khama has also on numerous occasions told Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) gatherings that he will be available for the 2019 General Elections to spearhead the campaigns.

He will need to have left a positive legacy enough for the electorates to reflect on, lest he be remembered as that man who failed terribly to turn around fortunes for his party and people.  

By failing the party he so much desires to be the face of in the coming mammoth 2019 general elections, it would be seen as the demise of the party and also that he will have left a tainted legacy as the worst President to rule Botswana.

But were he to triumph over all these maladies, he will have a special place in the pantheon of the history of our country.  So, really, this is Khama’s last chance at rescuinghis legacy. Otherwise a new era will be ushered in.




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