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What A Roller-Coaster Year

It has been one hell of a roller-coaster year this 2016 for this publication, for the media in general, and for the whole economy, as shown by the many reverberations that manifested themselves in hundreds and thousands of job losses across the spectrum.

We hope to garner the courage and the self-belief to wrestle and brave similar challenges and storms if they present themselves in the New Year.

Naturally when faced with danger, the human race, and Batswana in particular, have brought the best out of themselves and prevailed against any conspiring forces, whether within or without.

As a nation, we will need to draw from our reserve tanks of self-belief as individuals, families, communities, and nation, not only to preserve ourselves, but like in the beginning of our nation, to propel ourselves to a new future that only we can author.

Many years ago we forged  a future from an agrarian society that was populated by an uneducated labour force; that future nobody could imagine, in fact many thought there was no future for the desert, impoverished people except to be a basket case of abject poverty on the world map.

But in the tapestry of our imaginations, like artists, our forefathers refused to be told they cannot dream, instead, they ran

with a picture of a future only them could visualise, comprehend and chase with zeal and belief.

Even today, this nation, that comes from the same blood as their forbearers, can still close their eyes, imagine a future of a thousand beautiful colours that no one else except this nation can see, and run with that dream to catapult the individual, the families, communities, and the nation at large into a new future that we believe in.

Like our forbearers who did not fold their arms and gave up in the face of the many challenges that surrounded us, let us not disappoint our children, our future nation, though temptations are there to let them down for one reason or the other, for the future that we can build for ourselves and the young generation, is endless, nevertheless.

As we indulge in the festivities let us most importantly meditate on the things we could do to turn a new corner and usher in a brighter morning.




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