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Young Graduate Strives To Make Living Through Gaming

It is not everyone who considers video gaming as a business idea, but for Edmore Jackson, this is the line of business that he is determined to pursue.

Having graduated last year at Botho University (UB), the 25-year-old aspirant insists that video gaming can actually put food on one’s table.

He has so far registered a company called Gamers Pub, which he says is a first class video games room to be designed as an executive lounge with the intention of providing a gaming service.

“We specialise in PlayStation 4 consoles and games. The aim of Gamers Pub is to provide a gaming service that promotes the social interaction between adults and the youth with an objective of creating the biggest gaming community in Botswana,” he says.“We are starting as a games room then as time goes on we will expand into video development studio where we create games,” he says in an interview.

To achieve this, Jackson says Gamers Pub will provide affordable game play prices and also host a variety of video game competitions weekly.

He says the mission behind the business is to create the biggest gaming community in Botswana, which will be the first step that will lead to accomplishing their greatest vision, to create what they refer to as a ‘universal gaming experience’.

“What that means is that Gamers Pub will introduce an authentic form of playing video games which will

not exist anywhere in the world, a unique sense of a video gaming atmosphere in which the customer will be exposed to a higher level of competitive gaming which is literally captivating and enticing,” he explains.

He notes that once Gamers Pub has developed itself as a recognisable brand then it would officially expand into a video game development studio that will employ a team of programmers and graphic designers that will dedicate themselves to developing video games with the intention of gaining publishing rights or endorsement deals from bigger corporate companies such as SONY, Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft and others.

“Basically the future plans of Gamers Pub is to eventually open different games rooms in different locations around Botswana, creating a bigger network of competitive gaming that empowers gamers financially and gives them a platform of recognition in the gaming industry,” he says.

According to Jackson, the video game industry is currently the second biggest industry in the world with a net-worth of over billions of dollars and Gamers Pub is intending to benefit from those numbers in the future because this exposure could really boost Botswana’s economy and at the same time provide employment to Botswana’s own qualified Information and Technology personnel.




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