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IT Geek Develops BOT50 Mobile App

Daniel Dube
With the country celebrating 50- years of independence, 19-year-old mobile developer, Daniel Dube has created an application (App) called Kgolagano which celebrates the country’s 50-years of independence.

The Kgolagano App works in a way that one can share moments of what has happened in the country for the past 50 years and independence celebrations. The moments can be shared in form of pictures and videos.

“This is a platform whereby we can share historical moments that have taken place over the years from the time we obtained our independence till the this current time where we are celebrating 50-years of independence,” said Dube.

The App, which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store, is accessible using Wi-Fi and data bundles since it has been optimised to use less data.

“I wanted to create a centralised platform that will connect people together through sharing moments and to also share these moments with the world.”

The App is similar to Instagram whereby one can upload pictures and videos. It is more advanced as one can also get to live stream

videos on the App.

Dube noted that this App can be used as  a historical archive in the future as one can use it for research related purposes. Upon downloading Kgolagano one can use it directly or through Facebook.

The mobile developer stated that App users should follow the rules by posting content, which is relevant to what Kgolagano aims to serve.

The 19-year-old who is an enthusiast of designing mobile Apps stated that he conceptualised Kgolagano two weeks ago when he felt that he needed to do something for the Golden Jubilee. 

With the formation of Kgolagano, Dube has partnered with Project 2066, an initiative which is aiming at documenting various moments taking place in the country this year then publish them 50-years from now in 2066.

Dube, who is currently a student at a local university, co-owns a tech company with web developer Kwasi Darkwa called Indie Studios Africa.




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