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A United And Proud Nation

Over this past weekend, Batswana rose above all obstacles to come together and join in the celebrations of their 50th Independence anniversary. Batswana proved that indeed they can unite for a common purpose, for the pride of their country, despite other differences.

It was pleasing to the eye to see that even the coordinators of the Bot50 celebrations went a step further and celebrated the diversity of political opinions that have characterised our democracy since inception.

In particular, the opposition deserves a pat on the back for unwaveringly coordinating the BOT50 festivities especially in places like Gaborone, Tlokweng, Ramotswa, Kgatleng, to name a few, where the 50th anniversary was celebrated in style. We note with disappointment some rumblings by some who would like us to believe that the opposition had intended to sway Batswana from the BOT50 festivities. Such cannot be true, and the presence of the leader of opposition and his MPs, at the national stadium, is testimony that those who are spreading such rumours, perhaps had wished they could see the opposition staging a boycott, and they must be very disappointed, because Batswana rose above their differences for the main objective.

Putting unity first, the country’s interest first, is indeed what we

all should aspire to be and encourage, without necessarily abandoning or turning away from our diverse political opinion.

Going forward the difference of political opinion has to be nurtured and fervently and jealously protected by all organs of government, for the good of the country.

However we can only hope that the 50th anniversary festivities have been an eye-opener, a reminder of who we are, and that as a nation, we should not allow ourselves to degenerate into a bitter and self-destructing people just because we allowed our political differences to literally turn us against one another.

The BOT50 festivities have been a reminder of our oneness and that all the great things we have achieved in the past and at present is largely because of pulling together, and that we shall need one another even more, for the road ahead, the next 50 years require us to re-double our efforts and commitments to the cause of developing our beautiful Botswana.




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