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Making A Living From Entertainment Industry

FRANCISTOWN: A young entrepreneur is making fortunes in the entertainment industry as a service provider of audio, lighting, staging equipment, installation, productions and cameras for the different events.

Gabriel Makafiri owns a company called Live Equipment Group Company.

According to Makafiri, the Live Equipment Group (LEG) is in cooperation with Makafiri Foundation and Bon Fella records which is owned by Eugene Khumo famously known as ‘Chase’ and Solomon Mabutho.

The phenomenal entrepreneur said the business provides high quality sound for shows that happen in Francistown and around the country.

He disclosed that he has worked with artist in the likes of Khanda Bongoman from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Vee, Charma Gal, Maghebula and others.

He said they have managed to provide entertainment equipments to all types of events from corporate functions, big parties, live performances, reunions and to just sum it up the company has a good reputation and history.

“I started the business because I saw a niche in the entertainment industry but from the beginning I was just a ordinary graduate who studied Law, French and computers at the University of Botswana and other different colleges. When I finished my studies I went to South Africa to pursue some short time courses and during my stay I noticed that they run their entertainment industry uniquely from us and then I decided to change my fate and venture into the industry,”Makafiri said.

The business owner added that his parents helped him with the start up capital because they

believed in his ambitions and he will be forever thankful for their support.

The Live Equipment owner said that he is facing challenges with the mentality of slavery that Batswana have injected themselves with because they always want cheap stuff not realising that they are going to cost businesses.

“Truly speaking people like cheap stuff and they don’t easily go for quality stuff but luckily I get most of my customers from the corporate industry and big celebs,” he said.

He added that his products are incompatible because he offers real quality and professional service sound and equipment and he receives a lot of bookings from different clients.

He advised the youth that they should never give up as it is never too late to change to better directions that can make one yield more but they should remember that education is also the key to success.

“My future plans are to bring more quality equipment in order to reach the international standard of music set up for shows from the sound to the stage arena so that we can match the neighbouring countries,” he said.

He added that his biggest achievement is that he managed to accumulate a big business that brings more income at home and have four big plots across the country at a younger age.




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