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Deported Pastor Gloats: ‘Being Deported Was Such Fun’

The deported controversial American Pastor, Steven Anderson has claimed that being deported from the country was super fun. In his latest update about what transpired between him and Botswana, the Arizona pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist church, said being driven around, above all else, was the highlight about his deportation.

The anti-gay pastor, popular for declaring that gays must be killed, admitted that being whisked from the radio station to the immigration offices, the police station, and finally the airport was super fun for him.

“Driving was intense, it was fun; I felt like I was in a car chase. I mean driving in Botswana is pretty intense and the way the guys were driving with the police car in front of us was super cool,” he said.

Going to the airport, Anderson said the trip became even more interesting as the guys were travelling at 180km/h on a 60km/h  lane, and that he felt like he was flying.

Also in what appeared to be an exposé of Botswana’s secretive deportation process, he said that immigration officials pleaded with him to feign calmness and normalcy to fool curious on-lookers.

Botswana’s deportation process has been characterised by secrecy, leaving many speculating over how it is carried out. In his post-deportation briefing upon arrival in the United States of America, Anderson revealed that the immigration officers, those believed to be security agents, initially lied to him when they picked him up from the radio station.

“They told me that I was not under arrest and that I was not being deported. They said I was going to talk to their boss since there were things that were not explained to me at the airport,” he said.

Anderson said to his surprise when they got to the immigration offices, he was told that he was being arrested and deported.

He noted that they explained to him that they did not want to tell him because they

did not want to create an uproar.

“They lied to me when they picked me up at radio station. That’s why when I got out, I told the masses outside that I was not being arrested but was going in my own will,” he said.

Anderson further explained that from the immigration offices, where he was informed of his deportation, and that he had no rights whatsoever, he was not allowed to talk to anyone.He said they took his phone and was told that there was no appeal since the orders came from the top.

“From there, I was taken to the police station where I was interrogated, especially about my life and my people. And then later, I was fingerprinted a zillion times, both electronically and with ink,” he said.

He explained that before being whisked to the airport, he was told to behave normal when they got there, to act just cool like he was with a couple of buddies minding their business. 

Above all, Anderson said he was happy with how he was treated and that the guys were super nice to him and that they were just following orders.

Meanwhile. his church in the country has been closed down since his sidekick evangelist, Garret Kirchway who was to head it here, was also deported.

“The church would only happen if someone from the country was trained to lead it. In that case he will not be deported and will not be told he had no rights,” he said.

Kirchway, who came with Anderson and his team, was also expected to marry a Motswana lady before his deportation.




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