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BTC, beMOBILE Merge Into One Brand

Anthony Masunga unveiling the new logo
Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL) has undergone transformation by combining its two homemade brands beMobile and BTC to become one monolithic brand called BTC.

Speaking during the launch of the corporation’s new brand, the acting managing director, Anthony Masunga said that bringing the brands into one monolithic brand is premised on taking the best of what these brands represented.

“The name will now be BTC, however it keeps the brand essence of beMobile because of the green. The idea is for us to simplify life and make it better through improved communications,” he said.

Masunga noted that as part of the new BTC brand launch journey, customer care underwent a retail transformation programme to bring to life the brand promise and dually paving way for enhanced customer experience.

“As Batswana you built a legacy and for more than three years BTC has been an economic player, an innovator, an enabler towards the local empowerment drive,” he said.

He further assured that as they launch a new brand and usher in the new era, their sleeves are rolled up, adding that it is the beginning of an efficient service delivery premised on a performance-driven culture.

According to Masunga, they have the expertise, capital, the support as well as the drive to usher Botswana into a knowledge-based economy and open gateways of communication to the rest of

the world upon which many industries were built.

Touching on the corporation’s future prospects, Masunga said that BTCL has a positive outlook and expects to remain profitable in the future as it focuses on five key strategic areas.

“BTCL will focus on further growing its mobile business and market share from a revenue and subscriber perspective. We will also ride on the corporation’s robust and reliable network that many businesses, including Government, rely on to run their business to promote and increase uptake of its data and broadband services,” he said. In addition, he noted that they will continue to strive for world class customer service excellence to ensure that customers are always happy and put together a cost reduction plan so that all employees know what to do to reduce costs while delivering excellent service.

On his part the Minister of Transport and Communications Tshenolo Mabeo advised that the brand launch must usher in a new way of doing things and must no longer be business as usual.

He also urged those who bought BTCL shares not to despair despite the decline of the share price noting that it is the nature of how markets operate.




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