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Jet Sanitary System Saves Water

Businessman, Bushy Morakile has introduced a new toilet flushing system that uses more air pressures and less water.

The jet sanitary system works in such a way that when one flushes there is a vacuum pipe, which uses air to suck in human waste, followed only by a one litre splash of water to clean up the toilet bowl.

“Due to the shortage of water in Botswana, the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources asked us to come up with ideas that can help save water and I learnt about the jet sanitary system when I attended a mining expo in South Africa last year,” said Morakile.

The system operates in the same manner as the water flushing system as it is also mounted on a toilet

and connected to a septic tank, sewage tank or a biogas plant. 

Morakile said that this system is reliable and efficient as it uses about 25% less water.

The system is mainly designed for heavy water users such as schools, hospitals and mines.

“We have presented the idea to various public and private institutions and they seem interested to work with us and instal the system,” he said.

The jet sanitary system can be mounted on different types of toilets such as urinal, squat pan, stainless steel and the wall-mounted vitreous.

In terms of hygiene, Morakile said the system is reliable as it is also used in airplanes and ships.





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