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‘Ugly Van’ Angers Sehitwa

SEHITWA: Incensed Kgosi Boitiro Dithapo of Sehitwa spat fire during a Kgotla meeting complaining about the ‘ugly van’ Batawana regent Kealetile Moremi used to travel for the Kgotla meeting addressed by Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Dithapo who comes from the Batawana royal family was angered by a situation that transpired at the Kgotla when Kgosi Moremi emerged from a very old van while high-ranking public servants used glamorous sports utility vehicles (SUVs.) “Why is our chief using a rugged van while just mere civil servants are using these flashy vehicles?” Dithapo asked rhetorically before declaring that the situation is an example that government is belittling Batawana. “I thought it was a van transporting chairs to this meeting and I was surprised when our chief emerged from it,” Dithapo stated.

Masisi was forced to intercede explaining that suggestions that government hate Batawana are not true at all. Masisi explained that in Botswana everyone is treated equally explaining that this is a spirit that made the country a beacon of democracy. Masisi stated that if the government had any hidden agenda, Maun would not be as developed as it is nor will the government had built infrastructure such as the Maun international airport.

No explanation was however made to Dithapo how Moremi ended up using the van.

Meanwhile, while some Batswana across the country celebrate the country’s golden jubilee those people leaving in settlements classified as ungazetted across Botswana would watch

from the sidelines. This was explained during a Kgotla meeting here. Badiredi Ditsilepele, a resident of Legothwana, which is an informal settlement next to Sehitwa had complained that their settlement was not budgeted for in the P100 million which had been awarded for the celebrations.

Ditsilepele told the gathering that people in Legothwana equally want to celebrate the 50-year milestone, but complained that organisers have informed them that no money will go to them, as their settlement is informal. Ditsilepele told Masisi that they have been told that they have to travel to Toteng for the celebrations, which is the next village closer to Legothwana, even though it is far. “We also want our share as all other Batswana,” he said.

However, District Commissioner Chabongwa Matseka explained that all the ungazetted settlements are not budgeted for. She said it is a government policy that services such as independence celebrations are celebrated at gazetted villages.

For his part, Masisi called on members of the public who have the means to donate to help beef up the P100 million explaining that the money is not enough. He challenged the gathering to have the spirit of giving so that all Batswana can enjoy BOT50.




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