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Batlokwa Kgosi weds

Kgosi kissing his wife
Multitudes of Batlokwa on Saturday thronged the tiny village of Malokaganyane in the outskirts of Borolong capital Goodhope to celebrate with their Kgosi Puso Gaborone as he said, “ I do”, to his sweetheart Thandie Leshomo. Leshomo is a banker with Banc ABC and also of royal blood. Her uncle Kgosi Leshomo is the chief of Malokaganyane.

The ceremony started mid week with a church service at the  Roman Catholic Church in Tlokweng before proceeding  to take pictures at the National Assembly Buildings. It was at 2pm when the convoy of flashy cars, including a seemingly brand new Range Rover with ‘Royal wedding’ in place of number plate bearing Kgosi and Mohumagadi were met with ululations, whistling and catcalls.

Called upon to give his speech, Marakadu Gaborone would not say much only to express his gratitude at Kgosi for having given his Morafe a Queen. The Chairman of Ntlo ya Dikgosi would later point out a crucial role played by Marakadu in getting Thandie to be his wife, “This man Marakadu always drove me to church and he would park right behind a certain car at church, this was a way of marking the territory for the Kgosi so as to make sure Kgosi sees the woman before she could leave,” he said. Gaborone said he would also while in church take pictures of his to be wife without her knowledge.  “Ï still häve the pictures which she will only get to see after today,” he said.”

He looked back to the day he was installed a Kgosi in 2007 where upon he mentioned that he valued marriage, Gaborone said he however said it was important to get married at the right time

to the right person.

He said he promised Batlokwa to find them a Mohumagadi who would not look down on them, but rather serve and take good care of them before Botswana’s 50th independence.

Gaborone described Thandie as exactly what he promised Batlokwa. “She has actually been serving Batlokwa already she played a huge role in preparations for cultural activities that have been taking place in Tlokweng,” he said.

The Queen whose dance moves with the husband left the crowd asking for more could not hide her happiness. She said she was proud to be wife to Kgosi and mother to Batlokwa.

“My friends used to ask if I was not scared of a Kgosi, I told them not even, what was commanded by God shall be done and it has been lovely, I thank Batlokwa and the parents of my husband for raising such a great man,” she said. She promised to serve Batlokwa diligently with humility while not forgetting to uplift the Barolong.

Amongst guests were Kgosi Kgari II of Bakwena, Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete and Minister  Kitso Mokaila and Kgosi Lotlamoreng. More guests including the Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi are expected to grace a bigger and last celebration in Tlokweng over the weekend. Botswana Police Band serenaded the newlyweds. Kgosi is understood to have paid 14 cows as bogadi, the bride prize.




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