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Where Are The Economic Hubs When We Need Them

In his inauguration speech in 2009, President Ian Khama got off on wings, setting up and announcing the creation of six economic hubs of education, health, agriculture, innovation, diamond, and transport, to further diversify our economy from reliance on diamonds, as well as making Botswana competitive, progress from middle to high income status, but most of all to create jobs, industries, and attract foreign direct investment.

Indeed in areas such as agriculture and education,  high numbers of Batswana have benefited  from programmes such as ISPAAD, which continues to benefit every Motswana, while in education, citizen  and foreign investors in areas such as training institutes have  become rich, as government continued to avail billions to fund education.

However the likes of  health hub, transport hub seem to be struggling to find their way to Batswana and investors in their sectors, there are few innovation products and opportunities to mention, indicating that the country still has potential to grow its industries and  job opportunities.

This is not to put the blame on a particular individual simply because he announced the programmes some of which seem to be faltering. All these hubs have coordinators, perked at Permanent Secretary level, and staffed with various

experts. It is the drivers of these hubs mentioned above that should translate the opportunities availed by their areas into realities and help propel Botswana to an economic giant that it aims to be.

As recent unfolding of events have shown, failure to deliver by these various hubs has resulted in an unhappy population of trained youth who are roaming the streets because there are no jobs.

We can only hope and wish that those mandated with the responsibilities to spearhead the missions have not abandoned their responsibilities.

Either way 2009 when these hubs were established with  certain objectives, is a long time,  almost seven years ago, and we also expect that by now, all the hubs should be operating full-swing, benefiting the economy and the young people in a big way.




Iketle pele teacher, a principal waitse

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