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Lover Murderer In Court

LOBATSE: Chief magistrate Mareledi Dipate on Friday postponed a bail ruling to August 9, in a case where a 27-year-old man of Otse village who was employed at Morokwe farms, is accused of murdering his girlfriend before burying her body near the Nnywane Dam.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at Morokwe farms north of Lobatse. Kelebogile Motswakwa’s body was discovered several days after an intense search for her as a missing person. Police said the accused went to report the deceased as a missing person on July 5 and he was arrested on July 21 in connection with the incident.

Applying for bail, Ntlame told the court that he was afraid he would lose his belongings left in Otse if denied bail.

“I plead for bail. My belongings, including clothes and livestock, are unsecured in Otse. I am afraid I will lose them if I am not granted bail,’’Ntlame said.

Sub inspector Bakani Tsayang of Woodhall police station was however

sceptical about the accused person’s plea. Tsayang said investigations have not yet been completed.

“Investigations have not yet been completed. We are awaiting a postmortem report which will inform us how the deceased lost her life,” he said.

The prosecutor further said he was surprised that the accused person can talk about his belongings in Otse when he has not been staying there.

‘‘The accused was staying in a single room at Morokwe farms before his arrest. Who has been taking care of those belongings in his absence in Otse? This is just an afterthought. The property he is alluding to was collected by the parents of the deceased when he was on the run,’’ Tsayang said.




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