UB Student Uses Social Media For Brand Awareness

Brilliant Kodie
For most people blogging and social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram are just platforms for interacting and expressing their opinion on direct issues including current affairs.

But young University of Botswana(UB) student, Brilliant Kodie has taken advantage of such platforms to create a brand awareness.

Through his blog,, the social media influencer has managed to sign deals with brands such as Puma, Adidas, Botswana Railways and Mr Price South Africa to create brand awareness for their products.

In simple terms, he is paid by different companies to spread a word about their various brands on these different digital platforms. Unlike other digital entrepreneurs that cash on Google, adverts Kodie capitalises on paid posts, press releases and digital consultation. 

“Through the blog, I create brand awareness by posting products from different brands. These are not adverts as such, but I create stories through these products as my blog covers different aspects,” he explained.  He stated that this has also helped him

to become a digital consultant. “I help companies and individuals to set up digital accounts such as websites, social media accounts and the direction they should follow.”

Kodie’s blog and social media accounts have a huge following due to the influence that he has online. His content touches on issues such as travel, lifestyle and fashion.

His photography expertise also helps him create quality productions for his clients. The one big snag is that Internet tariffs in Botswana are way too expensive.

“That’s one of the challenges that I face. It would be better if we had the same prices with countries such as Ghana,” he said.

Reflecting on how he developed such expertise, the UB Economics and Accounting student said in-depth research ad networking with local and international entrepreneurs helped him develop. 




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